Oyo Crisis: ‘#StopKillingNortherners’ — Nigerians call for peace

Nigerians on Twitter have expressed concern over the violence that broke on Friday at the popular Shasha market, which led to the killing of a cobbler.
They called for peace following the outbreak of violence in Oyo state.
On Friday, violence erupted at Shasha market in Ibadan, Oyo capital, after hoodlums attacked business establishments owned by Hausa traders.
The clash was said to have led to the destruction and looting of more than 40 shops.
The state Governor Oyo, Seyi Makinde, had shut down the market and imposed a curfew.
Despite the curfew, there were reports of clashes in the Oyo capital.
Citizens have called for an end to violence in the state.
Here are some tweets calling for peace:
Now that the #EndSARS protest has ended, with the eventual release of the previously arrested protesters, can we now turn our attention to the crisis in Oyo State?
Can we all call for the #StopkillingNortherners everywhere in Nigeria?
The North has endured bloodshed since 1999.
— Adamu Garba II (@adamugarba) February 13, 2021
No region is as tolerant as the North. You see a Yoruba man living as a King in Zaria. You see Yorubas living comfortably in every part of the North while the crimes of a few herdsmen affects every Northerner living in the southwest.
This has to stop. #stopkillingnortherners
— Dr. Abubakar Hidima (@Realoilsheikh) February 13, 2021
Dear my Hausa people.
Remember that our religion didn’t encourage retaliation on people that know nothing or has nothing to do with what happened somewhere, don’t engage in destroying yoruba’s properties and businesses, our religion didn’t encourage that.#StopKillingNortherners
— Al’ameen? (@Al_ameen_Yabo) February 13, 2021
Dear Arewa,
There have been so many provocations lately, but the patience we have shown is great. Please, do not take laws into your hands. We have spoken to people in power & we have charged them to ensure justice. #stopkillingnortherners
— Dr. Abubakar Hidima (@Realoilsheikh) February 14, 2021
The first frame was Borno state governor awarding a Yoruba man Dr. Akinbode who worked in the Borno state civil service 13.9million naira and a brand new motor car
Killing the hausas in oyo will bring nothing but hate for the yorubas in north, and if the hausas are to start retaliating?believe me the safety of the entire country will be at risk, we don’t take laws at our hands, but we are force to do so? Shi kenan ??#StopKillingNortherners
— Moderate (@moderate_ustaz) February 13, 2021

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