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How virile is diabolical practices in Kwara legal jurisdiction?

The issue of diabolical practices in Kwara State jurisdiction among the legal practices has assumed the front burner of discussion recently with many interesting tales of how many of them have turned to the help of the concept against their professional calling which has failed to recognize such practices despite its widespread perception among many of the citizens in the state. In this piece ACTING EDITOR, MUMINI ABDULKAREEM writes on this issue.
Conventionally and for many of the lawyers resident in Kwara State, the practice of spirituality or diabolical means to getting justice from their many litigations has no place in the jurisdiction of law anywhere in the world. But despite such assertion and disposition, many of the practitioners find it difficult to separate their profession from the societal practice that has dominated the environment.
Though not officially recognized as a means to get justice in the legal parlance, there are tales of many practitioners who have related how they have been spiritually attacked by their colleagues in the cause of pursuing justice for their clients, while stories of how some of them have slumped and died in court in very questionable circumstances. But how virile is the diabolical practice in Kwara/Ilorin jurisdiction and what is the level or degree of believability in the practice to get justice by lawyers.
Speaking on the issue, a legal practitioner who said he would not want to be quoted said the practice is very viral among lawyers despite the stand of the profession to ‘prove’ everything beyond reasonable doubt in court rather than the belief in any metaphysical powers no matter how real and true we consider it.
According to him, anytime I remember this issue, I always feel very sorry and seek forgiveness from God. There was a man that I will not like to disclose his name who is well known here in Ilorin. He had issue with one of his wives, whereby they bought some properties together but in her name. But they later had issue and the estranged wife contacted me to defend her in the case and I agreed. After the first letter I wrote to the man to notify him of my client’s demand, He is a strong Shaman from Kwara South, that was the day I started having all sorts of terrifying dreams. It was unbelievable.
“But when he saw that I didn’t relent in going ahead with the case, I was confronted with many intimidations in broad daylight in my office by some spiritualists in their full regalia despite the fact that he employed a SAN to handle the case for him. It was a very petrifying scenario in my office and many of my junior counsel were even saying I should wash hands off the case to save my life.
“But while this was happening, somebody came to meet me in the office that he will take me to meet somebody that will also help me handle the case in the spiritual realm. And even though we had a good case, I have to agree because of the numerous spiritual issues I was having since I agreed to prosecute the case”.
“Following the assurance I got from what I will call my spiritual fortification, I went ahead with the case and won. I learnt the man later died with all his mystical powers just as I was told will happen in my spiritual consultation”. So of course nobody will come to court to come and prove any spiritual or diabolical case, but we all know what we are facing and going through when it comes to that aspect of litigation”, the legal practitioner noted.
For his part, another lawyer and former Commissioner for Water Resources in Kwara State, Barrister Abdulrazaq Sheu Akorede noted that despite that fact that the law is blind to such practices, there are many instances in court when lawyers openly display belief in diabolical or fetish practices in court during litigation which they believe will swing the pendulum of justice in their favour especially when they know they have a bad case.
The legal practitioner told Pilot Law that the irony of it is that most of these lawyers who are involved in such practices now do it brazenly without any iota or modicum of shame or concern.
“There are some lawyers who are still alive today and some are dead that we have witnessed drop of diabolic object from their bodies during cases right in court. The irony is that they don’t even express any shame or remorsefulness picking up the objects that dropped from their body or pockets openly while in court. They even do so with pride.
“There was a time when I went to court to handle a case sometimes ago. While we were in court in one of the divisions in Kwara, the case was called and the parties were all present. But the judge then made an announcement that whosoever that has diabolical objects with him should go out of the court to purge himself.
“For me, I felt it was a bit insulting for the judge to have made such public pronouncement because I was wondering what could have warranted such declaration. But despite the learned judge’s plea, nobody obeyed him then the last time he repeated it, he announced he was going to go for a search. Surprisingly, I saw many of the lawyers hurrying out of the court to purge themselves of the charms they had brought.
“Though I know such practice exists, but I have never seen such scenario before throughout my years of practice for people to have such strong belief that they have to put something in their pockets to win or influence cases. It took some minutes before they returned to the court and we commenced hearing. Up till now, that incident still remains very baffling and strange to me.
“And there are some lawyers who are still alive today and some are dead that we have witnessed drop of diabolic object from their body during cases right in court. The irony is that they don’t even express any shame or remorsefulness about it as if it is the norm. They even demand for any of such objects which mistakenly dropped from their body or pockets openly while in court with pride”, he added.
While speaking on the issue, Kwara born but Abuja-based legal practitioner, Barrister Tunde Falola said although he doesn’t believe that lawyers should go to court with charms, it is left for those who engage in the practice to explain the reason for such practice.
He however said even if a judge feels uncomfortable handling any case for (fear of any diabolical or fetish concern), the right to do would be to recluse himself from the case and send it back to relevant authorities for reassignment.
“Well, I don’t believe lawyers have to go to court with charms and if there are those who believe in that, I think it’s left for them to explain why. As for me, I have never experienced a situation where court threatens to search lawyers in court in my several years of practice.
“But I don’t think there is reason for that in the first place. If a Judge feels uncomfortable handling a matter, prudence dictates that such judicial officer should send the case back to the appropriate authority for reassignment”.

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