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Hijab: Cleric calls for peaceful coexistence among Muslims, Christians in Ilorin

By Jimoh Sulyman
The Chief Imam of IMAN Central mosque, Sheikh Sharafdeen Olohunoyin has encouraged all Muslim parents to pay close attention to their children and guide them to the right path as trust that were given to them they will account for on the day of Qiyamah.
He said this while addressing the worshippers during his Khutbah, prior leading the congregation in the weekly two unit prayer, inside the mosque premise at Irewolede area of Ilorin, Kwara State.
He said “All parents are like shepherds and they shall give an account of the flock (children) left in their care and Allah shall reward them accordingly
Olohunoyin bemoaned the recent crisis over the use of hijab that has rocked the city of Ilorin adding that we shouldn’t allow the issue degenerate into full blown crisis between Muslims and Christians in the state.
While suing for mutual respect between the two faiths with common origin in Prophet Ibrahim, the cleric harped on the need to see one another as good neighbours.
He called for the spirit of tolerance and friendship amongst all various tribes in the country, stating that “we should learn to overlook the flaws of one another because Allah is the only paragon and we all should learn to tolerate one another in order to coexist in peace and harmony.
“One cannot enumerate all the bounties of Allah (SWT) on our existence, because He is our creator that is always providing for us right from our birth, to the time we will return to Him. And we shouldn’t take them for granted.
“Allah wants us to be generous to our fellow human and that is the only way to get to Him and continue to receive His blessings. But the moment we all turn our backs to the path and instructions of Allah, then the mercy of Allah will also desist from us” he noted.
The Imam further dissuaded the people from rejecting the signs of Allah that is around them adding that those that did such will be raised blind on the Day of Judgment.
In his words, “The signs of Allah is glaringly staring you in the face all day, it is left to you to acknowledge them and not dismiss them as fallacies, because anyone who deny the signs of Allah will be raised blind on the last day.
Olohunoyin blamed the injustice that has been integrated into our daily lives as the cankerworm of Nigeria’s problem.
He said lack of justice is evident in every nooks and crannies of the society from the government to the people. From the top to the bottom and that is the reason the country is languishing in its present state of insecurity and unrest”.
The scholar however prescribed repentance and absolute forgiveness as the only solution for the country’s present state. Hurry back to Allah and seek His forgiveness, because Allah is the restorer of things and He can resuscitate the country and turn our fortunes around”.

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