Kwara NUPENG reacts amidst fear of fuel scarcity

...blames NNPC for shortfall

The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), Kwara chapter on Thursday cautioned Kwarans against hoarding petroleum products.
It gave assurance that the union would soon address the problem of artificial scarcity of fuel being experienced across the state.
State Chairman, NUPENG, Yunus Alahde, gave the admonition during a telephone interview with our reporter at the weekend.
According to him, “The current scarcity in the state is not caused by NUPENG, but the Nigeria National Petroleum Commission (NNPC).
“There has been a shortfall in the supply of petrol to Ilorin depot from the NNPC for over a month now and that has caused artificial scarcity. The non availability of the product has nothing to do with NUPENG.
“Federal Government owns depots and if it didn’t bring fuel down to Ilorin depot, there is nothing we can do about it. When it happens that way, we engage in what we call ‘ticket’, which enables us to source for petrol from private depots,” Alahde explained.
He said it would be unfair for members of the public to be pointing accusing fingers to NUPENG as being responsible for shortage of fuel each time there’s seems to be drought in the supply of the product.
“The recent scarcity is caused by non supply of petrol to Ilorin depot and it is purely NNPC’s fault. This non supply has caused sharp indiscriminate pricing of the product by marketers.
“When it happens this way, marketers usual scout for fuel from private depots and this comes with indiscriminate hike in the price of petrol as the landing cost has increased and proportional to this effect.
“It is sad that the consumers bear the pains each time a shortfall in the supply arises like this. Some filling stations have depots and that is the reason why those stations sell at lesser price.
The NUPENG boss cautioned Kwarans of the dangers of storing and stock piling fuel at homes and shops.
“Careless storage of fuel can lead to fire disaster both in the house and in the car. There is enough petrol in circulation. What happened in Kwara is just temporal. By next week, there will be full supply at Ilorin depot”, Alahde assured.
He however said NUPENG as a recognized body of labour union has a good synergy with the Kwara State Government as each time knotty issues on fuel scarcity arises it engages the authority to cushion the effect.
National Pilot reports that queues have started building up at the few filling stations that still have fuel supply in parts of Ilorin metropolis.
Despite the queues, however, transport fare in most parts of Kwara State still remains the same.

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