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Speak up Gov Matawalle

By Adetunji Ayobrown
Leadership is truly cogent of character, connection and consequence, while manners makes a man. Not surprisingly however, not all Nigerians are quelling, that those people behind the abduction of students are truly known after all. Please show your best character and dear the consequences, tell Nigerians nothing but the whole truth.
Lapses are clarity but unfortunately, no conscience in ping game. Knowing that having something to loose is what makes life worth living. Nothing stunning about the statement accredited to the Zamfara Governor, Bello Matawalle.
It is not the statements that set men apart but the distance they willing to go guarding truths in their respectively stances. Except the governor too his also an accomplice, Matawalle should tell his story to the world who those people were kidnappers and their collaborators.
Nothing stay hiding forever, Nigerians are awaiting the ‘revelations of the abducted schoolgirls’, according to the courageous governor; as nothing surprises no one anymore, Matawalle’s declaration only reaffirm people’s suspicion.
The Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle, vowed to reveal the identities of people behind the abduction of over three hundred students of Government Girls’ Secondary School, Jangebe in the Talata Mafara Local Government Area of the state.
If you want to go into the future, put past behind you. But if you want excel in the future, learn from lessons of the pasts. All are set to listening to the revelation of the abducted schoolgirls release.
Stretch the truth further and let’s know the unknowns. He told the emirs, who paid him a sympathy visit over the girls’ abduction. ‘I want to inform you that there are many revelations in relation to the abduction of these students. Many people will be surprised to hear those people behind the abduction of these innocent children’.
But to you Mr Governor sir! No Nigerian would ever be shocked to know true people behind the abduction of these students because without the internal assistance, locating a one-eyed dead man’s grave would be herculean for a stranger. If truly connected to the people, this is the time to know if truly you are on the poor citizens’ side.
He who knows! Governor Matawalle know seems to know more than the rest Nigerians. He who knows and know that he knows, should prove himself a wise man on this. If truth is subverted, posterity will never forgive all. Then, he too becomes an accomplice.
But quite uninteresting and funny that some people who know not but unfortunately they did not know that they know not. Help can only help he who knows not but he knows that he knows not. Perhaps, he is asleep, then he can awaken.
If you dear reveal the identities of Kidnappers. But the pan-northern socio-political organisation, the Arewa Consultative Forum only berated the governor, condemning him saying he should stop embarrassing the north. But where is the north without its people.
That necessary security agencies should interrogate the Zamfara State governor over the identities of people behind the kidnapping of students of the GGSS, Jangebe is stating and repeating the obvious.
Without any further delay, action should have been taken by now if only FG is truly committed to lasting solution to Nigeria’s insecurity problems.
Except this glitch on the ground, that is his irony of victory. Matawalle should prove a point; be a man of his words, else…?
No laughter after a slaughter. At first, they thought it was funny, but now the joke is on ACF. If saying the truth is offensive, then it has no apology. Nigerians deserve better than to be deceived. When your wards turn to banditry, it shows nothing else but parents’ failure, not a deniable fact.
Something someone should have done long time ago. Revealing all the identities of the kidnappers and some no one should shy away from those people behind the abduction of these students are known and they are going to be dealt with accordingly, a good stance by any sane leader.
Treating governor as accomplice if he fails to name masterminds, ACF advises security agencies is rather seen as a threat than an encouragement. Matawalle’s statement may be seen as unguarded but must be said and be uphold. More than anything, the north should not be embarrassed by the governor’s statement more but the manmade insecurity ravaging the region in this time of theirs.
Nigerians may not be and will never be shocked. Who did not know that buying AK-47gun is no small boys business, not to talk of stealing a fat cow through a small window requires more. Those using all meanings even unnecessary in order to get elected or appointed to political offices are major culprits.
Accountants for law and order. The ACF’s call many described by many as unnecessary harassment on the governor. Allowing him to make his roll call of names with evidences else telling Nigerians otherwise means something. Many are questioning ACF’s audacity over Matawalle’s facts. a group like ACF needs to do more.
Sometimes statements talk by itself, but just don’t common. That enough money to turn anyone into unwilling patriots; kidnappers and bandits are paid sufficient money as ransom. But sometimes something bad must done to stop something terrible or worst from happening again.
Nigerians have learnt that shed tears only for those that are worthy of our tears and not for those who are the cause of the tears. Ordinary Nigerians who are the recipients of unbelievable terrible acts will never want the masterminds set free and probably pay more after initial ransom payments as alleged.
*Ayobrown, Senior System Analyst, National Pilot Newspaper, writes via

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