Minimum Wage: Kwara labour alleges discrimination in payment

The Kwara State Labour union has expressed dissatisfaction over alleged lopsided payment of the new minimum wage for workers in the state.
This is contained in a statement signed by the Kwara State Acting Chairman of Trade Union Congress, Comrade Joseph Tunde and made available to newsmen yesterday.
The statement reads “Kwara workers deserves better deal. It is very unfortunate and disappointing that with all the support and patients accorded this present adminstration in Kwara state by the workers, segregation of the payment of minimum wage will be the order of the day without recourse to natural Justice and Pareto optimality concept.
“The government that promised to shift grounds on the issue of minimum wage and directed the state Head of Service to meet with labour to resolve the gray area on the payment of minimum wage for weeks now has failed to initiate any meeting with organized labour in the state for any discussion.
“The purported payment of minimum wage for GL 01-06 workers cannot been seen in that regard because, their was no any circular to back it up.
“In line with best practice in the world, it is mandatory for establishment office to issue a circular for government directives to be implemented in a public service. When no agreement was reached after 14 months of unconcluded negotiations as a result of insensitivity of the government.
According to the statement, this shows the level of insincerity of the government on the issue of minimum wage in state.
“As we speak, the rate of inflation and the exchange rate in the country can best be described as pocket dryer which make life unbearable for the workers.
“this agitation is very necessary considering the level of revenue and allocation into the the state. Payment of salary today take very meager percentage of the allocation while other funds accrue to the state monthly can conveniently take care of projects and other assignments of governance in the state.
“While acknowledging the works done so far, it is imperative to see the management and the maintenance of the engine room of the service (workers) as priority for the growth and development of the state, economy and the people in general.
We want to see the sincerity of purpose, commitment and dedication of the government to welfare of the workers and the good people of the state within two weeks on this minimum wage issue to be finally resolved.

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