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Resign if you can’t deliver! – Cleric tells political leaders

By Jimoh Sulyman
The Chief Imam of Kwara State College of Education central mosque, Imam Dr. Sheu Jawondo, on Friday, has urged the leaders who are finding it hard to deliver good governance as it is in their campaign promises to the people, to honourably resign from office and allow more capable hands to take charge of governance.
He made this assertion inside the mosque, while addressing the congregation during his sermon, prior leading them in the weekly two units prayer.
Imam Jawondo however charged the government to provide enabling environment for entrepreneurship to thrive in the country to encourage youths to explore the options of self employment.
He further harped on the responsibility of the government to provide viable source of living, urging the government to restructure the education system to breed graduates that will be self sufficient and employed.
The Cleric also bemoaned the high rate of unemployment in the country, where Educated youth are Idle with no hope on the horizon.
He blamed Nigerian security challenge on Injustice and denial of fundamental human rights.
In his statement,” everyone deserves to be accorded his or her own right, among which is the right to life and dignity, but it is quite unfortunate that those rights are only in black and white but are not followed and denial of those rights is the cause of the present mayhem”.
Jawondo also lamented the double Standard in our justice system, where the law applies in different ways when dealing with the poor and the rich.
“When a rich person and a pauper commit the same offence, the rich is likely to escape punishment whereas the poor is definitely going to feel the full wrath of the law”, he noted.
Still speaking on Injustice and denial of rights, the Imam faulted the huge disparity in the wages of the political office holders and the lowly civil servants.
He stated that, ” The government officials and politicians are feasting fat while the civil servants are barely surviving on the meager salaries they are paid at the end of the month”.
“It is quite disappointing that the governments are unwilling to put in effect the much clamoured for minimum wage ,that which in itself will not suffice a decent living standard,but they’re are taking home lump sum wage” ,the Scholar stated.
He further stated that, “Any society whereby the people at the helms of affair are living in wealth at the expense of the masses, the expected end result is what we are experiencing in Nigeria at the moment in the realm of security”.

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