Poet's Corner

If only

By Jimoh Sulyman
If only destiny permits
The silk looks good
draping from the lean
Shoulder of the slave
Drawing on marble floor

If only nature permits
That crippled bloke
would love to dazzle
With his dance steps
Buried in his bowel

He would love to run
speed as fast and far
as his leg could carry
him, but it’s really a pity
it’s all in his imagination

Plead obstinate nature
The mute at the orchestra
would fancy world ears
as she enchant with her voice
As she sings her soul out
If mortality will permit
See the lonely orphans
They still long in the night
for the warm embrace
Of their dead mothers

If only the world would
permit, the serfs would
wish to own the land
they’ve walked on worked
on, for so many years

If Only time will permit
And moonlight won’t
betray them, the lover
still have a lot to say
in the stare of his lover

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