Magaji Zeni Stool: Gunmen shot contender to death in Ilorin

By Ahmed Ajikobi
Abdulfatai Mogaji, a contender for the Magaji Zeni stool has reportedly killed by suspected assassins on Saturday, this medium gathered.
It was learnt that the deceased, until his death, was in court over the selection of the Magaji Zeni which he contested with the present occupant of the stool, Alh. Sulaiman, who was appointed about 6 years ago.
The deceased allegedly felt aggrieved by the appointment of Sulaiman and approached the High Court which entered judgment in his favour.
But occupant of the stool appealed the judgment and was validly declared the appointed contestant at the appellate court.
Until the time of the deceased’s death, the matter was still pending at the Supreme Court.
An eye witness who spoke on condition of anonymity while narrating the incident, said, “The deceased who is a major land seller in the area, was seated in his shop at Ballah, Eyenkorin area when four men alighted from an Okada, went straight for him and shot him.
“They met him sitting with someone, they didn’t ask anything, they just went for him and shot him at close range and disappeared into thin air, within a twinkle of an eye, he died immediately on the spot”, the source added.
The deceased is survived by two wives and four children and was buried on Saturday afternoon at his family house, Alanamu area of Ilorin metropolis amidst wailing.
Reacting to the incident, the Kwara State Police Spokesperson, SP Ajayi Okasanmi confirmed the death of the contender adding that, a manhunt has been launched by the police and investigation are going on the matter.

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