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Fear of Allah, antidote to nation woes – Isale Koto

By Jimoh Sulyman
Absolute fear of Allah has been described as the panacea to the myriad of problems, bedevilling the country Nigeria.
This was stated by the popular Cleric and personality, Sheikh Lukman Isale-koto, during the Ramadan lecture on Thursday at Saidu Alkali Mosque, Taoheed road, Basin, Ilorin.
Isale-koto stressed that the only way the country can be revived is if the people establish the fear of Allah into the system.
“Fear of Allah needs to be established in every sector of the country, because without the fear of Allah it is impossible for the country to be revived from its ailing state.
“The people at the helms of affair need to fear Allah in running the affair of the people and in turn the masses should also fear Allah in obeying their leaders” he noted.
Sheikh Isale-koto also faulted the Nigerian justice system that has been tainted by Injustice, he clamoured for corresponding Punishment for any offense and compensation for the Victims.
While blaming the double standard in the Justice system, He added that, “The Nigerian law only have effect on the poor and weak, but most times the Rich usually get lighter punishment or escape it totally”.
While quoting the word of fourth Caliph of Islam, Imam Ali bn Abu Talib, the cleric stated that, “The four cardinals of fear of Allah, are, Consciousness of existence a Supreme being, Following the law of Allah, Contentment with what Allah has decreed and the last is preparation for death”.
Isale-koto who is also the Imam of Saidu Alkali mosque, disclosed that Allah gives everyone a choice to make, good or bad and they must bare the consequences that follow.
He also stated that those that truly fear Allah are those that move away from the places and actions that Allah proscribed and they are the most fortunate of all being.
Adding that one is not unfortunate if one suffer material loss but the greatest misfortune is to lose belief in Allah and go astray from His path.
He however submitted that the fear of Allah is one of His greatest bounties that He can bestow on His creature and it is a mercy from Allah.
Lukman however admonished people to view Life as nothing to hold onto ,but see it as vanity and mirage that will fizzle away.
He added that Allah will bless people of Jannah with splendour that is beyond what is seen on earth.
“The Garden of Jannah is a place of satisfaction and bliss, with nothing of its likeness on Earth”.he noted.
He also said that ,It is the mercy of Allah that He saves one from torment of hell.
“If you let go of sin because of Allah and He will replace them for you with the best of goodies
“Allah is so merciful that He usually repay Good deeds in ten folds but bad deeds will only be repaid in one fold”.He said.
Sheikh Isale-Koto emphasized that Only Allah holds sway over everything that exist between the heaven and earth.
The Cleric in his statement, “On the day of Qiyamah, no one can escape the hold of Allah apart from those that Allah showed His mercy .
He added that on the day of Judgement no one can speak but those that Allah permits.
“The day of Qiyamah is the day that Allah will repay everyone for their actions on Earth”,said, Isale-koto.
The cleric however enjoined the people to always seek forgiveness from almighty Allah, especially in the month of Ramadan.
He added that, “Prophet Muhammad said the most unfortunate person among humans is someone who fail to find forgiveness of Allah in the month of Ramadan.

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