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Pray for the country in this trying time, cleric admonished Muslims

By Jimoh Sulyman
Muslims have been charged to take advantage of the last ten days of Ramadan and the night of Majesty (Laylatul Qadr) to pray for peace in the country.
This was said on Friday, during sermon delivered by Imam Ahmad Abdullah, the Imam of Olohunlogaju Central Mosque, Cemetery road Ilorin.
The Imam enjoined Muslims to make the most of the auspicious period of last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan to seek for peace and harmony in the country from Almighty Allah.
He added that, the state of insecurity in the country is disheartening and the only way the country can be safe is through the intervention of Allah.
The sermon which was centered around the themes of Last ten days of Ramadan, Itiqaf and Laylatul Qadr was keenly listened to by the crowd-filled mosque.
Abdullah enjoined the congregation to be more dutiful in their worship of Allah especially in the concluding ten days of the holy month of Ramadan.
He added that, “One of the things that makes the last ten days of Ramadan Important is the Night of Majesty (Laylatul Qadr) which is greater than a thousand month”.
“Laylatul Qadr is an auspicious night that everyone should look forward to, it is the best night in the sight of Allah
“A night that Allah rewrite destinies in that premise, if we plead with Him, He can turn the fortune of our Country Nigeria around and also our own fortune as well”, he noted.
The Cleric also endear the Muslims to go for Itiqaf which is a spiritual seclusion in the worship of Allah and a way of reconnecting with Him.
The Itiqaf is one of the packages of Ramadan, done through the last ten days of the month whereby a Muslim will stay away from material life and face the creator in absolute worship.
It is performed in the mosque, preferably at the central mosque, but it can also be performed at ones house, the person performing Itiqaf will stay under the roof of the mosque for the entire period of the Itiqaf, without stepping out
Imam also encouraged the Muslims to remain steadfast in the month of Ramadan and when the beloved month finally bid its farewell.

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