2023: Alaka opens up on strained relationship with Prof Oba

By Ahmed Ajikobi
A former aide to Prof Abdulraheem Shuaib Oba, Moshood Alake on Sunday opened up on the strained relationship between him and his former boss.
Alaka who spoke exclusively to National Pilot on the issue said political and ideological differences was responsible for the parting of ways between them.
The APC local government chairmanship aspirant in Moro was speaking on the issue for the first time adding that he left the camp of the former chairman of the Federal Character Commission (FCC), sixteen months ago.
“I have left Prof Oba about 16 months ago because I have seen so many things that the Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has done and the way he has change the face of the state. He (Governor) is a progressive and it is only natural and logical that we team up with him to develop the state. The governor is the leader of the state. There was no issue between me and Prof Oba, it just like a father and son with different political differences and ideologies now.
“But nobody came to me to lobby me to work with the governor, he is performing and the best thing is for us to team up and work with him to continue to develop the state.
“I’m not professor Oba’s aide rather I’m with Governor AA now. I’m doing what my local government is doing because all of my local government is with AA and I’m one of the leaders of the AA group at the local government led by Elder Wole Oke. I am the leader of the AA Moro Youth Progressive Movement which we’re going to launch very soon after Eid celebration”, he added.
On 2023, Alaka said “I do not see anyone contesting with AA in 2023. I am not losing sleep over that. I will tell you that there is no opposition in my local government, Moro, and I can assure you that with the leadership of Wole Oke, we’re going to deliver Moro Local government 100 percent for AA, that is not negotiable”.

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