Cabinet: Inside details why Abdulrazaq dumped female nominee for sibling

By Mike Adeyemi
More details emerged last night why Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq finally decided to drop the commissioner nominees from Edu Local Government, Saba Margaret, 29.
The governor jolted many Kwarans when he withdrew the nomination of Margret whose name was submitted alongside four others to the state House of Assembly for screening and approval and instead appointed her elder brother, Saba Issa Gideon to occupy the position.
No reason was given for her withdrawal by the governor.
But top sources conversant with the development back in Edu and Tsaragi where the siblings hailed from confided in National Pilot that the decision of the government was due largely to the pressure on Abdulrahman by the stakeholders back to look for a more experience person to represent the community.
According to one of the sources, the issue caused disquiet among the different tendencies in the APC in Tsaragi, the district whose turn it was to produce candidate for the position over fears of her productivity and how she will impact the local government.
“The Governor is already making Edu test-run of infant in politics judging from Kolo, the former Commissioner for Spots and now this Margaret when you have seasoned people that are really grounded in the art of politics here”, the source noted.
Also corroborating this position, another highly placed government source from so told National Pilot that “Those against her were of the view that Margaret lacked political experience that will benefit the local government especially Tsaragi district.
“The governor was been pressured from different quarters to present a more qualified person. We believe she is still a small lady with little or no experience. How would you expect such to oversee a ministry?
He added that the position of a commissioner traverses beyond mere academic qualification, but the length of service and experience matters which the lady in question lacks. These were the narratives that dominated her rejection back home.
“At 29, she is qualified by age to be appointed. But to get someone to do a good job, you need somebody with starling experience and pedigree.
“But the governor was smart enough to pick her replacement from the same family so as not to cause any rancor. The new nominee is a sibling to the former. They are of the same parents, “he stressed.

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