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“Self discipline best form of Jihad”

By Jimoh Sulyman
Self discipline has been described as the best form of Jihad and the best trait that a Muslim can possess.
This was said on Friday by the visiting Imam Dr Sulyman Al Akiky, while delivering the inaugural sermon at the newly opened Rahmatullah central mosque, Tanke.
The Imam added that ” The best form of jihad which means to strive,a Muslim undergo is the strive against their wanton self desire and ego,
“Many people assume that Jihad simply mean holy war and nothing more, whereas Jihad start from within oneself ,a war against ego and self-desire” ,he noted.
However Al Akiky enjoined the Muslim faithfuls to always remain humble and self disciplined at all times ,as according to him ,”those are the hallmarks of a true believer “.
The cleric encouraged Muslinms to remain steadfast in their worship of Allah, as it is the main essence of the Creation and what Allah requires from us all.
Dr Al Akiky also noted that Destiny is sacrosanct, he added that it is imperative for a Muslim to believe in destiny and they must accept what Allah has predestined for them.
“One of the articles of faith in Islam is believing in destiny, a Muslim must believe that everything that occurred, good or bad, has been predestined by Allah” ,he said.
The Imam however stressed that ,” a Muslim is expected to give in their best efforts in all they’re doing and not just lie down idle, thinking destiny is going to fulfill itself without individual effort” ,he noted.
Dr Sulyman encourage the people to always give gratitude to Allah for all His bounties on them, because that is the only thing Allah asked in return for all His generosity on humanity.
He added that, Muslim should utilise all that Allah gave to them to seek for the mercy of Allah and they shall be granted the gift of Jannah.
Al-Akiky warn that, “Don’t tarry on doing good deeds because death can approach at anytime and it might be too late for a person to make corrections ,when it comes”.
The Cleric also enjoined the Muslim to always do good to their fellow human beings just as Allah has been good to them as well.

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