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Terrified seeing 3 remanded family members in court

Abdulrasaq Olayanju Saka bagged his LL.B from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State in 2011. Subsequently, he went to the Nigerian Law School and was called to Bar in 2012. He started his NYSC programme at College of Arabic and Islamic Legal Studies, Aminu Kano University, Kano State but later sought redeployment to Osun State where he practised with Ayodele & Co. He shares his most daunting moment in the legal practice with PILOT JUDICIARY. Excepts:
My most dramatic day in court was really eventful. It happened at the Upper Area Court, Adewole, Ilorin. The matter was between two neighbours on the issue of environmental sanitation. They both lived in the same compound sharing one gate. One of the neighbours packed refuse and dumped it at the gate, the other felt the action was unhygienic and was not happy at the development hence, he challenged his neighbour. This however led to serious issue between them.
The second neighbour whose apartment was closer to the gate where the refuse were dumped was influential and therefore reported the matter at the police station. After efforts to settle it amicably between them failed, Police took the matter to the court.However, during the court proceedings, I made an application for bail because it was a criminal case. I insisted that the court could mediate between them and ensure peace is restored saying the matter is not something serious. The judge however declared that since I’ve made an application, he will deliver his ruling on the next adjourned date. The implication of that is, they should be remanded. So, father, son and daughter were sent to Oke-Kura prison.
But to my greatest surprise, very early in the morning, of the adjourned date I met my clients who were believed to have been remanded in front of the court. I was scared and I probed if they did not comply with the court order. Their response was that they did but also used the influence they have. They said an order came from above compelling the judge to issue a release warrant, adding that they only spent few hours in the prison…

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