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Be thankful to Allah in the midst of celebration – Cleric

By Jimoh Sulyman
Muslims have been encouraged to give gratitude to almighty Allah for sparing their lives through the month of Ramadan and beyond it.
This was noted by Imam Sulyman Alaaya, The Chief Imam of Gbadamosi Olohunsogo Central Mosque, Unity area of Ilorin, while delivering his Jumuah sermon prior leading the congregants in the weekly two units prayer on Friday.
The Jumuah service which was held a day after the Eid-l-fitr celebration, the Imam enjoined the people to take advantage of the auspicious occasion of Eid to give gratitude to Allah for all His blessings.
He added that in the midst Of celebration, the Muslim should not forget to be grateful to almighty Allah for all His bounties on them.
“Many people started the fasting with us but they were not opportune to see the end of Ramadan, while some are in critical conditions in the hospital, to be spared of all these is enough to be thankful for” he said.
The Imam also added that, “Eid is not just for celebrating and feasting, it is a period of self appraisal, a time to retrace ones steps during the course of the year”
Alaaya also raises concern on the decline in the level of spirituality of many Muslim after the Ramadan fasting, which he said is very sad and can compromise the rewards of the past month of Ramadan.
The cleric however advised the people to firmly hold on to the lessons learnt and also the good habits that were formed during the holy month of Ramadan.
“Do not forget the lesson of all the sermons and admonitions by the clerics that you listen to during the month of Ramadan, it is the end of Ramadan not the end of Ibadah”.Alaaya stated.
He added that, “As every Salat have their Nawafil so does Ramadan and the Nawafil of Ramadan is Sitta Sha’awal, which is not mandatory but encouraged by the noble Prophet Muhammad”.
Sitta Sha’awal is the six days fasting during the Islamic month of Sha’awal, the month that follows Ramadan, a Muslim is encouraged to fast for six days during the month.
The Imam however prayed to Almighty Allah to spare the people’s lives in good health to live and celebrate more Ramadan and Eid.

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