O to ge: Between crowd mobilization and reality

By Muhammed Nasirudeen
The notion aimed to be painted by the Government of Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq and his cohort failed, again. The attempt to bully the mind of the public into believing that the government and its chief are enjoying the love of the masses was a mission that failed. Here’s the reality of the Eid’s “Sai Ramoni Uproar”.
Far from reality is the fact that persons seen in videos are lovers of the governor or his government. They are nothing but lovers of their pocket. Undoubtedly, the administration of Abdulraman Abdulrasaq has done far behind enough to ameliorate hardship and poverty in Kwara State. The state of which his cohorts has seen as an advantageous tool to be used to buy people into singing fake praise of the governor and his governments.
Immediately after the Eid, news articles paid for by the taxpayer’s money were made to fly around all the social media platforms and the dailies, claiming that Kwarans reaffirmed their support to the governor. The claim is nothing but fallacies fueled by the governor and his cohorts in the media.
The people that are seen in the videos are kwarans impoverished by the inefficiency of the government and clouts that were bought by the government to sing praises and giving peanut-worth prices in exchange for their unheard voices.
The reality lies in the fact that after the shouting that was staged for the media purpose the same people were seen fighting at the front of the Emir’s palace and its environment for each person’s share of the money paid for the crowd.
Does the governor’s media failed to hear that a section of the crowd they bought was shouting that the citizenry are dying of hunger? No. That’s not what matters to them. What matters is the hunger-prompted “Sai Ramoni”. They failed to take that serious because the hunger of the people is not the concern of Abdulraman and his government. He is more concerned with the politics within his party at the state level rather than the welfarism of the people who voted him in against all odds. Verily, shame on him, for pulling that media stunt even after seeing the truer fact that lies in the extent to which poverty is hitting hard on the people he claimed to be governing. When will the man wake up to the reality of his government tilting much towards failure rather than giving hope to the people he leads.
It is worthy for this government to know that the model employed is too old, and very well it is impracticable to woo the masses with money, in preparation for the next election. It is either he changes for good, or the clouts fail him. Buying the crowd will not win.
*Nasirudeen writes from Ilorin.

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