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Between who ‘dey’ borrow and who’s in charge

By Adetunji Ayobrown

Without  mincing words, Nigeria’s confirmed situation is very critical as it is. And this is unacceptable to many of its citizens. Except for very few individuals opportune to be part of direct or indirect beneficiaries of the decayed and rottenness in the system as such people may say otherwise from reality.

Seen as a Walmart of corruption, ask around the world about the portrait of Buhari’s regime. It may cause confusion in the mouth but when it is analytically composed and written, its explanations in black and white will definitely ask any misperception to correct itself.

As it is in classical modernisation about leadership to be cogent of character and connection. And for more than all sake of any clarification, it has been undoubtedly pointed out this government is the architect of Nigeria’s recent misfortunes as it is bedevelling the country uncontrollably.

To be candid, who is in charge of borrowing money and who is in charge of securing the country? Good questions numerous Nigerians are eager more than ever to know.

Truth must be said without care for who ox is gored. Buhari being the president is to protect Nigerians, and not just borrowing money all around the globe. if truth must be said FG must also be in charge of other things including security its number one objective.

Despites many calls, President Muhammadu Buhari failed on several occasions to live up to his constitutional duty, among which securing the country is utmost. But instead, unfairly passing wrongs to others and blame-shifting games. Nigerians deserve better than to be deceived. Not that when things are going bad concerning security, then the president is not in charge, and as such it becomes the governors’ responsibility.

Within the ambit of human resources, Buhari appointed heads of security agencies in the country, hence he can not ask governors to take charge of security. Many say Nigeria Governors’ Forum can only cry

Arrow must hit with its head; Buhari, the man who came up with this government equation seems to have been repeatedly beaten again by old-fashioned formula adopted by Nigerians submission. Someone who never knows the truth can not speak in confidence of it.

Buhari was not made president to borrow foreign loans alone but to ensure the protection of Nigerians or except he is on a wrong calling,

As with debts, a millstone round debtor’s neck which definitely affect not only the health but also the wealth. Nigeria’s debt profile contents bewildered many including economic analysts. At what cost is what? “I must do all attitude” may never get any done successfully.

Economically speaking while leaving out no necessary political tones, can Nigeria’s confirmed situation be considered anything near fair? So, issues of claims and counterclaims on whether or not 10.5million people were lifted out of poverty should never be a debate among the sane. But except to set the records straight and put an end to such Buhari unaffirmed stance.

Looking back on many uncountable miles on our bad historical journey. Many are still searching for who are 10.5 million people lifted out of poverty with no answers. But how do we navigate this new abnormal

Self-appraisal is truly free when it is attached with unfounded claims. That in the last two years 10.5 million people are lifted out of poverty which includes farmers, small-scale traders, artisans, market women and the like are falsehood at its best, ask ordinary Nigerians if in doubt too.

Their overall economic target of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years, their goal notwithstanding COVID-19 seems to be already killed by the virus. White elephant project as tagged by people.

Poverty and inequality in Nigeria are deadly capable of truncating democracy. Mr president’s unfounded conviction that 100 million targeted can never be met with this economic style. And it may not inform any meaningful development that is capable of national poverty reduction. Or Buhari better ask CBN governor the true naira exchange rates.

Or perhaps, Mr. President had consulted his economic team over twelve calendar months ago, if he still thinks there is any growth in this financial strategy. The specific details of his accelerated strategy would be unveiled soon and Nigerians are anxiously awaiting it.

Claiming that during the pandemic that disbursement of N5,000 to 1 million Nigerians using a Rapid Response Register and advanced N20,000 to 750,000 beneficiaries of the Conditional Cash Transfer Progamme and provided 1.37 million Nigerians with palliatives from CACOVID are questionable sir. Because nothing indicated that such were ever to be.

And that the Federal Government released 109,000 metric tonnes of food reserve stocks and 70,000 metric tonnes of grains to the poor and vulnerable in all 36 states of the federation, is no doubt false. Because your warehouses and stores almost all over the states of federation were broken during the ENDSARS protests with lots of palliatives that never palliate ordinary citizens except governors and government officials and their families.

The reduced interest rates from 9% to 5% for struggling businesses and extended credit facilities to 548,345 beneficiaries are all not seen except on papers. But why decorating losing ideas. Many concluded as flimsy that his government was doing its best in the face of scarce resources and galloping population growth rate that consistently outstrip the capacity to provide jobs.

If truly he is a good manager, he ought to know what to do. Mr President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He appoints Inspector General of Police (IG), the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, the Commissioner of Police (CP), Director of Department of State Service (DSS), and other heads of security.

Which one of these do any state governor appoint, so how possible people appointed by Mr President be under the governor should be the concerns of concerned Nigerians.

Spare Nigerians any corny gimmicks. Money truly changes greed. Know what, it seems this government is truly cheating. Why is that only to borrow money for Nigeria that Buhari is in charge of? But when it is necessary to be in charge of other more important things including security excuses are its best.

While Nigerians’ pain is beyond belief, fooling Nigerians with recession over and again holds no water any longer. That nothing bad had changed to good but worse since 2015 coming of Buhari’s regime. Many wondered where those lifted out of poverty. Those farmers that were out of farms, small-scale traders that poor power supply had put out of business. And of course, not Nigerian artisans and market women that were daily agitated and clamouring to secede.

Many say dogs like tactics and it just doesn’t know where to stop, so do humans too. Many are not surprised that Buhari with his Democracy Day speech said nothing in particular except for merry-go-round many important national issues including insecurity with unattainable excuses.  Though, not surprising that many of such speeches are only not detailed but also always fail to convince or even at least entertain its audience (if any).

*Ayobrown, Senior System Analyst, National Pilot Newspaper, writes via

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