KWHA miscalculates number of bills, passes 17, not 14 in 2yrs

By Ahmed Ajikobi
The Elites Network for Sustainable Development (ENetSuD), an anti-corruption Civil Society Organization promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability, has noted the miscalculation of the 9th Kwara State House of Assembly (KWHA) on the number of bills it passed in the last 2 years.
ENetSuD Coordinator, Dr Abdullateef Alagbonsi, revealed this in a statement on Wednesday.
The KWHA had reported the total number of bills passed in the last 2 years as fourteen (14).
However, ENetSuD’s #KwaraBillsTracker records showed the total number of bills passed by the assembly in the last 2 years was seventeen (17).
He added that for clarity, eight (8) bills were passed in the first year while nine (9) bills were passed in the second year.
“The 8 bills in the first year include Revised Appropriation Bill (Budget) 2019, Social Investment Program Bill 2019, Sports Commission Bill 2019, Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Bill 2019, Teaching Service Commission (Amendment) Bill 2019, Kwara State University (Amendment) Bill 2019, Kwara State Compulsory Free Universal Basic Education (Amendment) Bill 2019 and Appropriation Bill (Budget) 2020.
“The 9 bills passed in the second year include the Geographic Information Service Bill 2020, Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Bill 2020, Revised Appropriation Bill (otherwise called Budget) 2020, Residents Registration Bill 2020, Public Procurement Agency (amendment) Bill 2020,
“Others are Investment Promotion Agency 2020, Governor and Deputy Governor Payment of Pension (Repeal) Bill 2020, 2021 Appropriation (Budget) Bill, and Sports Commission (Amendment) Bill 2021.”

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