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Nigerian governors are cabals – Adeseko

By Adetunji Ayobrown

The Nigerian Governors Forum had formed a cartel, so strong that they are more powerful than even the president of the nation.

Barrister Olaseinde Adeseko made this known during an interview with National Pilot, he said that Nigeria ought to have been a thing of the past but for the nations’ leadership.

This was his submission on the recently suspended JUSUN/PASAN strike and other insecurity bedeviling Nigeria. He said that despite the president’s signing of the executive order 10, and over two months suspended strike.

Mandating the Accountant-General of the Federation to deduct from source amount due to state legislatures and judiciaries from the monthly allocation to each state for states that refuse to grant such autonomy.

It would be recall that President Muhammadu Buhari on May 23, signed into law the Executive Order to grant financial autonomy to the legislature and the judiciary across the 36 states of the federation.

“As weak as many thought former president Goodluck Jonathan administration was, Nigeria was never like this, at least not to the level of ineptness of this present regime”.

“For more than two months, judiciary did not function, a necessary organ of any democratic government, which the nation’s 1999 constitution as amended) is very clear about”.

“Though, president Buhari was right pointing out the issue, that judiciary and local government had been pocketed by most state governors”.

“During president Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration, local government was so strong but unlike now that state governor had hijacked all the funds.

“In true federalism separation of power is a must because it is the wheel that carries checks and balances as required in a democracy”.

“He emphasised that there is judgement to that effect, the president had signed the Executive Order 10

“Same with judiciary, the president may had signed the Executive Order 10, nothing stops him from directing the immediate compliance of the Attorney-General of the Federation with this constitutional provision”.

“But these governors are more powerful, so strong, they had formed a cartel. More or less a cabal”

“But all these depends on the country’s headship because previous administrations, NGF was never as strong as this”.

“The ineptitude of the president of the nation gave room of the governors’ forum, so strong that they are more powerful than even him,” he complained.

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