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 Borrowing is an issue only if we can see

By Adetunji Ayobrown

Truly, it may be hard to find any country around the world that does not borrow. But thinking that ‘borrowing per se is not an issue’ when in our case its sustainability cannot be guaranteed is simply not good option.

When things go wrong or away people appreciate them more than when they have them. But without being cynical secret to a coherent nationhood is all about good decisions. Little mistakes creates room for bigger ones. The confession by the leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is not new. But why it took so long for the leadership of party to admit to this seems as unpatriotic.

At last, in admittance the courage was summoned by APC, but beyond this how over N15 trillion reckless foreign

borrowing was spent would rather be a better confession to make.

Talking about borrowing, not only money but good and viable ideas with suitable technology are main things to borrow. Debt in borrowing per se is a big national issue.

That every wrong path taken leads to another wrong choice and some choices could change everything in a nation. While some blamed President Buhari and the APC’s failure on a so-called face-off between the executive and the National Assembly at onset others think it is caused by leadership incompetence and corruption.

According to Budget Office, “…point to sink into Nigerians that we are not a rich country; we are a potentially rich country. But the reality today is that we are a poor country because looking at the definition of poverty, when the resources you have simply cannot cover your needs you are poor”. Nothing new but its late admittance.

Gathered recently in Abuja for a youth conference conclude that their party and President Muhammadu

Buhari failed to deliver. Vindicating Nigerians’ position that our once robust economy and turned otherwise.

Under President Buhari, the corruption index level has been elevated to a new abnormal. Signing blank pages, officials prowling agencies, ministries and department in daylight looting, mortgaging the future of our nation.

Now that the APC leaders have summoned the courage to admit that the APC and Buhari Presidency are a bunch of failure that have brought so much challenges to our nation, Nigerians expect them to advise President Buhari to end his Presidency’s recourse to false performance claims and seek help from more competent hands to manage the affairs of our nation.

A man with a chair wants to sit alone, APC leaders’ confession is stating the obvious. Buhari will never leave office in 2023 without a legacy, but which legacy became an issue with efforts by the senate president on APC’s failure seems untenable.

Endless borrowing has been the worry of experts, but not NASS, as

senate president backs FG debt spree. Such action would mortgage our children’s future, reckless borrowing is no good, ask around. It must start at the level of individuals, but FG’s decision to starts at the level of a nation will never be easy or straightforward.

A nation is no structure, concrete, or buildings but human beings. No nation can develop more than its citizens. Government mandatory obligation which is security and welfare of the people is not adequate. Not only our streets but even the forests and jungles are dangerous not for animals’ sake for but for human who behave worse more than beasts of the jungle

Borrowing is a placebo and not a cure. Big issue is now the repayment of loans with nation’s revenue shortfall. Many wondered how Nigeria’s debt profile could skyrocket under the regime compared to projects as claimed.

Instead, FG should borrow good and practicable ideas.

*Ayobrown is a Senior System Analyst, National Pilot Newspaper, writes via

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