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Ram sacrifice is an act of worship -Cleric

By Jimoh Sulyman

A popular cleric in Ilorin has called on Muslims to understand the importance of animal sacrifice during the celebration of Eid l kabir and see it as a worship to Allah.

The Cleric, Sheikh Hon Justice,Abdullateef Kamaldeen,who double as a Khadi and Chief Imam of Kwara state Sharia court of Appeal ,Ilorin, made it known on Friday while delivering his weekly sermon to the congregation.

Kamaldeen while emphasizing on the importance of the Eid celebration and the tradition of animal sacrifice stated that, “It is important for every Muslim that has the financial capability to sacrifice Ram during Eid to do so as a sign giving gratitude to Allah.

“The Noble Prophet Muhammad said if anyone refuses to sacrifice a Ram despite having the financial means and freedom to do so, such a person should be denied entry into the place of worship because such a person has excluded himself from the fold of the Ummah” ,he said

The honourable justice stressed that any Muslim that has the capability to slaughter a Ram should do so because it is mandatory and it is part of the acts of worship in Islam.

The Islamic Jurist however noted that despite the importance of the Ram sacrifice, a Muslim is not allowed to go beyond his means, such as borrowing money in order to purchase the Ram.

He reiterated that, “The tradition of the noble Prophet was particular about the financial capability of a person and more so Allah does not give one a burden more than what a person can bear.

“Even a person that is in Hajj who is unable to sacrifice a Ram, Allah permits such a person to fast for three days in Makkah and fast for another seven days when he returns to his country, making ten days in total and that will be accepted in place of the Ram he was unable to sacrifice” ,Kamaldeen added.

He also said that ,”The essence of Sacrifice of Ram is not the spilling of blood or the urge to eat Meat rather it is a sign of faith and Obedience to the instructions of Allah SWT”.

The cleric reveals that the tradition has its precedence and it didn’t start with Prophet Muhammad ,according his own statement,he said,” The tradition of slaughtering Ram is not a made up action it is in commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim’s fidelity to his Lord and Prophet Muhammad also emulated the tradition of Ibrahim who is his ancestor” the Imam stressed.

In his further remarks, the Islamic Scholar warned the Muslim, to only make the sacrifice with pure intention and not with the intention of showing off ,as the act of show off will definitely jeopardize their reward from Allah.

Imam Kamaldeen also call on the people to endeavour to make the spiritual journey of Hajj to the holy city, adding that, “Anyone who refused to go to hajj despite having no hindrance whatsoever means that the person is not perfecting his or her faith.

“Hajj is part of the pillar of Islam and it is imperative on all Muslim to make the pilgrimage as long as they have the financial and physical capacity to do so” he said

Kamaldeen also noted that getting to Arafah is one of the most important part of Hajj and “anyone who didn’t get to Arafah didn’t perform hajj and such a person won’t get the reward for performing Hajj”.

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