Ajeigbe: Offa VC ready for Nigeria volleyball Premier League

Head Coach of Offa Volleyball Club, Suleiman Ajeigbe said his team is ready to shock bigger clubs at the first phase of the 2021 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League in Ilorin.
The first phase of the 2021 Nigeria Volleyball Premier League will be played at the University of Ilorin from 5th to 18th July, 2021.
Ajeigbe said his next plan is to bring the Champion Trophy to ancient city of Offa at the end of the league.
He revealed that despite challenges of funds, Offa is battle ready.
He said, “The actual plan is to make another history as we have made at the level of Premier. Offa is the first Community based Club to qualify for Premiership in history; now the next plan is to bring the Champion Trophy to Offa, that is my biggest plan. “With God Almighty by our side, the impossible will be made possible. The players are on top of their game and they are physically and mentally ready to take the battle as it comes.
“The team preparation is in top gear, though with some few challenges of financial constraints. Notwithstanding, I am preparing the boys for a better and successful outing at the premier, but it is my prayers that God Almighty will send a helper to support the team financially”.
Commenting on the friendly match between Nigeria Police Force Volleyball Club, Ajeigbe said, “The boys really tried their best and you can also attest to it, their game is really coming up and few days to go and some friendly matches to play, it will definitely be an opportunity to tide up the loose ends. We shall definitely get there.
“Three of my players got jobs through volleyball which is part of our prayers and we are already working on their replacement”
Ajeigbe added that he is working on getting a women’s team which will feature in the Premier League.
He said, “I am working towards having a women’s team. It would have happened this year but as a privately sponsored club, it is not always easy to rake in funds. Hopefully by next season, my women’s team would have being more mature and have the league experience ”.

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