Harmony Holding staff protest again, lock-up offices

...say company as good as dead *Berate Gov Abdulrazaq's silence over matter

By Mike Adeyemi
The Staffers of Harmony Holding Limited in Ilorin, Kwara State penultimate Thursday paralyzed activities at the company to register their displeasure over non payment of 6 months salary.
The staff in their numbers who were seen locking up the offices, accused the Group Managing Director, Abdullahi AbdulMajeed of being insensitive to plight of workers and running the company as a one-man business.
Speaking with National Pilot on the issue, a staff of Harmony holdings who spoke on condition of anonymity described the company as good as dead.
According to the source, “the lackadaisical attitude of the management of Harmony Holding towards staff welfare shows gross inhumanity.
“What I can say is that the management has been irresponsible and insensitive. When someone is insensitive, he doesn’t take the welfare of the staff seriously. Such person is as good as a dictator.
” This place is being as if it’s a one- man business. They flout processes without recourse to laws,” the aggrieved staff .
The staff said the management had turned blind eyes and deaf ears to their complaint over time.
“The management didn’t even deem it fit to address us in the first place which to me is inhuman. Our agitation is we want our salaries paid. This place needs fund and if government think they can’t fund it, we should be paid off.
“Silence of the state Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq on the development at the company doesn’t portend good omen for his administration. Perhaps the Group Managing Director hasn’t been truthful to him about this place or they just decided to abandon this place.
Similarly, another staff who also pleaded anonymity said the decision of the staff members is to down tool and lock up offices until their demand is met. We are being owed salaries of ran about 6 months and other allowances which have not been paid for years.
” But it got to the peak when the staff realized that a particular money which they had been expecting came in and instead of the management to use it to clear the outstanding allowance, the management is adamant.
“The money is almost N39 million naira from one of our businesses. The money is still intact in the coffers of Harmony Holdings. But, the management has refused to pay and the staff have resorted to close down the company until the outstanding salaries are paid,” he added.
The staff said the problem started before the end of the immediate past administration in the state and with the new one there hasn’t been a change.


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