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Insecurity: NASS 19 stunning recipes

By Adetunji Ayobrown

Artists’ job is not to succumb to despair but to find antidotes for emptiness in existence. Without any other choice, many are reluctant to settle for the NASS anticipations in this Buhari-led executive.

Wine and dine until twain, it was first of such rare meetings in our recent history, where members of our two chambers of the National Assembly had a rare chance of discussing needed issues with their invariable but scarce president at the State House.

Among many others, it will be recalled that on April 27, 2021, the Senate reached a resolution for the leadership of the upper chamber to work towards a meeting with the president to enable all 109 senators to discuss security issues in the country. Between then and now, our country has continued to suffer because of some ineptitude.

Hope in Nigeria should not be a mistake, presidential dinner with NASS members will not solve anything, because Nigeria’s insecurity goes beyond wining and dining inside the villa.

Despite the available resources, many Nigerians are overwhelmingly disturbed by the unending rise in insecurity across the country. Surmountable security challenges but with little or no results from the executive arm’s inaction.

Trust Buhari to doubt, many NASS members are seen by Nigerians to be hoping to blind superstition. Whitewashing truths for money and positions, though they thought of they are pragmatic

NASS wants something worth reading about, this time they came up with something worth writing about. Executive and legislative steps to be taken to address Nigeria’s insecurity came but at a later time.

Voices of NASS, hearts of our representatives. They met with many experts and came up with many recommendations. Perhaps if action is taken it might help our country out of this present security and economic predicaments. But who will turn their thoughts to reality becomes a serious issue?

Splitting the tasks and dividing these responsibilities into two parts, the report had nineteen recommendations meant for executive actions, while only seven were for legislative engagement. Which entails that there is more to be done by Buhari and his team.

Truly, lapses are clarity. Why does it take this long before our representatives could come up with these items? Lagging behind they seem on their statutory responsibilities, or perhaps Buhari made himself unavailable. These and many Nigerians are asking questions.

When the leadership is responsible for the deaths of its subjects, better be reminded of it. Precis of the NASS report as if they are truly the right ingredients, if so, they will surely come up with the right solutions to Nigeria’s terrible profile.

Two or more good heads ought to be better than one. NASS, the Largest gathering of Nigerian politicians comprises all elected political party members that are supposed to be representing their zones.

And not funny at all, every of the six geopolitical zones is faced with a challenge or the other, including banditry, kidnapping, terrorism, agitations by secessionists. Travelling about the best way to get life experiences, many of whom do not go to their constituencies.

Nigeria’s red and green chambers comprise 109 senators and 360 members of the House of Representatives. But many reports had shown that knowledge about insecurity by many NASS members are from pages of newspapers and televisions, that is the reason they can allow the executive’s quietness over insecurity for that long.

A significant day in the jollification atmosphere, but beyond spending all those hours eating and drinking wine alone. But beyond the merrymaking, Nigerians are calling on the president to act on the points submitted to him. The 19-point recommendations by the 9th National Assembly should be taken seriously

There is no other word for it, it is a necessity. There are moles and double-agents, many have compromised efforts at combating insecurity and winning the war against insurgents and terrorists. Nigeria needs to initiate a screening and vetting program of all frontline officers of our military to fish out the bad eggs

Difficult is not the same as impossible, the submitted report should be considered. FG should consider the use of Private Defence Contractors for targeted security operations to combat insurgency and terrorism especially. Also, the executive should use all means at its disposal while legislation is pending to require the creation of a protocol that will compel intelligence sharing among all security agencies.

Immediate procurement of modern critical equipment for the Nigeria Police Force is a must at this critical time. Special team of 40,000 Police Mobile Unit officers to undergo special training while North East, South West, South East to receive more officers out of the number, a thousand each to be deployed to every state for immediate operations.

All over the developed world, the use and deployment of Early Warning Systems including installation of CCTV cameras and other surveillance, satellite and electronic equipment along major highways, public places, and major cities and borders are ways of combating criminality in the.

It is called community policing. FG should show serious support for the creation of local security committees in all local government areas. This panel should include traditional rulers, religious institutions, and local opinion leaders and be managed by the police as part of its policing mandate.

Cattle business is a personal business. The use and development of grazing reserves and ranching should be pursued in lower population areas. Pilot schemes should commence immediately in all states that are positively disposed of and ready for it.

Beyond encouraging and resourcing the National Orientation Agency and the Federal Ministry of Information, promoting peaceful coexistence and national unity, it must start from the leadership, the beginning of a structured strategic communication and orientation campaign.

 *Ayobrown is a Senior System Analyst with National Pilot Newspaper and writes via

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