Kwara PDP and the changing narrative

By Ibrahim Amodu Okandeji

Party politics could be viewed from different perspectives of understanding. particularly among the politicians who predominantly engage in the practice of partisanship. It’s a profession or better still, a way of life, while casual politicians see it as a game they get involved at, at their leisure. The recent development in Kwara PDP under the able leadership of the Scion of Saraki dynasty, the immediate past Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, distinguished senator Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki (CON), is to reconcile the aggrieved members of the PDP within the main stream of the party whose actions or in actions contributed largely to the outcome of 2019 general elections that led to the total loss of the hitherto strong and vibrant structure in the state.

The Wise Men Reconciliation Committee, headed by a distinguished Nigerian, an illustrious son of the Emirate, the former chairman of our great party, the PLDP, Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, has indeed, moved on with the assignment across the length and breadth of the state and is thereby impacting positively on members, thus making it obvious that the return of the great dynasty is a matter of time.

The reconciliation committee, as constituted by the PDP to reconcile the aggrieved menmbers of the party that left the fold out of frustrations, has therefore started in earnest across the state.

In Asa Local Government, for instance, Hon Isiaka Labeka has been appointed to direct the affairs as the chairman of the committee while Hon. Ramata Abaya, a one time commissioner in the state and later, member of the state House of Assembly representing Asa Local Government is the secretary of the committee.

The main objective of the committee in reconciling aggrieved members within the party so far has recorded the desired tremendous success. All the 17 wards of Asa Local Government are to be covered but so far, Ogbondoroko, Laduba, Alapa, Sosoki/Yowere and Oke Waru have been covered and everything went as peacefully as expected with no unsavory developments. Asa Local Government has therefore, taken a giant stride in the efforts of reconciling the aggrieved members for the unprecedented success that has been recorded from the exercise. With providence on Our side, we are now speaking with one voice. The unity that eluded us before this time is tremendously coming back to the fold, no more division among the members. The situation now is a retrospective reflection of our political past under the greatest, king maker of Kwara politics, the late Waziri of Ilorin and Second Republic Senate leader, Dr. Abubakar Sola Saraki, Oloye; where everyone sees each other as a member of the colossal, indomitable large Saraki Political Family.

Asa Local Government set up Reconciliation Committee for each ward to look at areas of discontent, by proffering acceptable workable solution to such problems that may arise so as to progress with the on-going reconciliations.

PDP State Party Congress

All hands remain on deck as National Working Committee of the party has announced and approved the schedule and timetable of the state party congress to be held across the state within the next two months or there about. To this end, preparations are in top gear to ensure a very successful exercise. Within Saraki’s brand of politics, there is no cause for alarm as far as Kwara State is concerned as party faithfuls are living no stone unturned by intensifying efforts towards the membership drive and reconciliation of the aggrieved, disillusioned members by canvassing to them to come back to the party fold so as to participate in electing democratically, acceptable representatives of their choices. In our own family PDP, we have a single, incontrovertible, versatile highly experienced and charistimatic leader in distinguished Senator Bukola Saraki, who is competently and ably in charge without iota of ambiguity. Party members will therefore be given the ample opportunity to elect their desired representatives without any hindrance, or any fear of encumbrance and in line with the tradition of our esteemed party. We are united, cohesive, disciplined and democratic.

In view of all the positive outcomes recorded so far, still, all efforts should be geared towards permanent and lasting solutions to the disillusioned, aggrieved party members’ cases. I am still further appealing to the generality of our party members that peace initiatives being embarked upon should be continued and allowed to come to fruition so that in the final analysis, massive electoral success will be recorded across the state, local government and ward levels to enable us reclaim our mandate of political dominance in the state which has eluded us since the party lost grip of political dominance in the state. The returning members should be welcome with open arms without, hindrances or conditions attached. In addition to the reconciliation of members, aggressive efforts should be geared towards encouraging new members to join the party at all levels of the state.

With all glory to God, the generality of the party machinery in the state has been working very assiduously towards success in the membership drive and reconciliation efforts. This has been rewarded with obvious successes that are visible to discerning eyes. The Kwara Central Senatorial district in particular has been working relentlessly and tirelessly in reconciliation and drive for new members and has been rewarded positively and adequately in this direction.

*Okandeji, a former P.A/Press Secretary to the Late Waziri of llorin, (Dr. Abubakar Sola Saraki).

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