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Believers should follow the footsteps of Ibrahim (AS) – Cleric

By Jimoh Sulyman

A cleric in Ilorin has enjoined Muslims who want to seek the favour of Allah to follow the pious footsteps of Prophet Ibrahim (AS) in all their actions and words.

The cleric, Imam Lukman Sulyman Murtado, the Imam of Agaka Memorial central Mosque, Asa dam road, Ilorin on Friday, said this while delivering his weekly sermon to the congregation, prior leading them in the two units prayer.

He urged Muslims across the country to maintain piety as it was portrayed by the noble Prophet Ibrahim, and was reported in the holy Qur’an.

The Imam stressed that the Eid-l-Adha celebration itself, came from the act of piety and show of faith, exhibited by Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

Murtado also said that “Prophet Ibrahim as we Muslims know him and Abraham as he is known to the Christians and Jews is an iconic personality that embodies all the qualities that Allah expect a believer should have, that is the reason why he is called ‘Father of Faith’.

“One of the qualities of Prophet Ibrahim is patience, he was patient with Allah when his wife was unable to conceive a child and when he later beget a child, he was still enough to agree to sacrifice that lone child in order to fulfil a promise he made to Allah.

“Agreeing to sacrifice his only child, Prophet Ismail(AS) to Allah is also a sign of fidelity ,being exhibited by Prophet Ibrahim towards his Lord” he said.

The cleric however noted that, the reward of being patient and faithful was given to Ibrahim, when Allah sent to him a Ram to sacrifice instead of his son.

“One of the bounties Allah bestowed on Prophet Ibrahim is that his name and legacy will continue to live on through out ages.

“Most of the Prophets that were sent to earth are descendants of Prophet Ibrahim, and they all mentioned his name and reverberated the message he was sent with by Allah”. the Imam added.

Also in his remark, Imam Murtado urged parents to be responsible for the proper upbringing and development of their children like Prophet  Ibrahim was for his children.

In his own words, he said “I enjoin all parents to prioritise the affairs of their children, just like Prophet Ibrahim did for his children and progeny, when he prayed that Allah should make them leaders amongst all  mankind.

“Prophet Ibrahim often come to visit his son Ismail in Makkah to check up on him, he also show concerns about his domestic affairs, for example, when he subtly advised him to divorce his ill-mannered wife” ,the cleric noted.

The Islamic Scholar advised the Muslims that slaughtered animal during the recent Eid celebration to have it in their minds that the sacrifice is for the sake of Allah and not for the praises of others.

He however stressed that People should know that the slaughtered animal is not for Allah but what Allah really required is the effort and act submission to Him.

Imam Murtado however encouraged the people to share the meat with others in their vicinity that are not privileged enough to slaughter their own animal.

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