Fans grumble as Kanye West delays release of ‘Donda’ album

Kanye West has left fans grumbling after delaying the release of his highly anticipated ‘Donda’ album.
The American rapper had staged an album party on Thursday at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.
He hosted about 42,000 fans who paid between $20 to $100 per ticket ahead of the scheduled July 23 release.
But as of 9am on Saturday, ‘Donda’ had yet to emerge, leaving many to vent their frustration on social media.
According to USA Today, Kanye turned up for the album party at 9:50pm, as against the scheduled 8pm.
He also said nothing during the 48 minutes he spent roaming the stadium floor. Fans who were in attendance were instead played the new album over stadium speakers.
So Kanye West sold out the stadium to release his Album #DONDA just to disappoint them and not drop it? They all need to sue him to refund them their money.
The ‘Donda’ album is named after Donda West, West’s mother who died in 2007, after a plastic surgery complication.
Before now, multiple sources, including the Def Jam record label, had announced a scheduled release of July 23.
In July 2020, Kanye was to release ‘Donda’ but it never happened. He has since developed a reputation for missing deadlines.
For ‘Jesus Is King’, his ninth album, the rapper was also criticised after failing to stick to his release schedule.

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