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Five in court for alleged gruesome murder, mutilation of girl tongue and private part

By Jimoh Sulyman

The police has arraigned five suspects for the alleged murder and body mutilation of a woman, before an Ilorin magistrate court in Ilorin on Wednesday, 4th of August.

The case was presided over by the magistrate, Abdulraheem Bello.

The quintet of Sodiq Adams, Biliaminu Qoyum, Lukman Qodir, Rasaq Rasheed and Ahmed Ayanda from Ile Aro, Esie, Kwara State ,were arrested for the murder of one Aishat Sanni also from the same area.

According to the First information report (FIR) ,the suspect were charged with ‘Culpable Homicide’, which contravenes Section 221 of Penal code.

Aishat a Fulani girl, was said to have been reported missing at the Civil defence Corps office by one Alhaji Musa Waziri of the Fulani camp in Esie community of Irepodun local government area of Kwara.

After a series of search, her lifeless body was found by the search party who later discovered that her tongue and Vagina has been cut off.

The suspects, Sodiq Adams, Biliaminu Qoyum, Lukman Qodir and Rasaq Rasheed ,were arrested by the men of the Nigerian security and Civil defence Corps, who transferred the case to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Nigerian Police Force.

In a discovery made by National Pilot, the suspects were said to be on their way to the farm when they accosted the victim, Aishat Sanni and another female, Baraatu Ali, who alongside the victim went to fetch firewood in the bush.

Both Aishat and Baraatu however attempted to flee from the men, but Sodiq Adams gave them a hot chase and caught up with Aishat.

According to the report, the other suspects however proceeded to the farm and didn’t not take part in the pursuit of the victim, Aishat and Baraatu.

The leading suspect, Sodiq was said to have forcefully taken the victim to the bush and tried to rape her but he was unable to get an erection

In a desperate attempt to escape, late Aishat was reported to have bitten Sodiq Adams on his hands, Sodiq according to the FIR reacted by “cutting the victim with knife, multiple times on her chin and in her Vagina”.

Sodiq trying to gather the evidence threw the knife in the bush and as if nothing happened, went to ahead to join the others in the farm, lying to them that the deceased had escaped.

The Suspect was however identified by the other girl, Baraatu Ali, as the person that killed Aishat Sanni but noted that the other suspects did not partake in the pursuit and killing of the deceased.


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