Traditionalists don’t involve themselves in money rituals – Dr Atanda

On the background of the 2021 World Isese Day to be held in Osun State, Nigerians have been called upon to discard the belief that adherents of the traditional religion are fetish and diabolical.

Also, it has been advised that the misconception about traditional worship is a result of a misunderstanding that is existing amongst the people.

Stating this on a radio current affairs programme in Osogbo on Tuesday, Dr Oluseyi Atanda, the President of Traditional Religious Worshippers Association of Osun State, explained that traditional worshipers are not fetish but the difference between a traditional priest (Babalawo) and herbalist is that a herbalist is well versed in herbal medicine while a Babalawo is a religious priest who knows everything including herbal medicine, philosophy and the concept of the divination chain which is binary.

Another difference, he disclosed, is that herbalists are not adherents of traditional religion while traditional priests being aware of the consequences associated with involving in money rituals know it is a no-go area for them.

The physician cum traditional priest also explained that since all religions relate with God through intercessors, the deities that traditionalists commemorate and pray to are intermediaries between man and God.

Deities like Osun, Obatala, Oya and Egungun he hinted are worshipped by the Yoruba and different traditional festivals are held in their honour.

The traditionalist cautioned that religious differences should not be a basis for divisions adding that such divisions occur as a result of greed amongst some religious leaders.

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