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Muharram is a venerated month of Allah – Cleric 

By Jimoh Sulyman

An Imam in Ilorin has described Islamic lunar month of Muharram as one of the most special and venerated months in the sight of Allah and Muslims should recognize it as such.

Hon justice Abdullateef Kamaldeen, the Chief Imam of Kwara State Sharia Court of Appeal, Ilorin, stated this on Friday while delivering his weekly sermon to the congregation, inside the Mosque premises.

He stressed that, “Month of Muharram is a month that Allah (SWT) described to us through our noble Prophet Muhammad, as a holy month and we Muslims should endeavour to keep it holy.

“Allah really venerated the month to the extent that despite the fact that we’re not allowed to kill it engage in hypocrisy in any month of Allah, but during this month(Muharram), Allah specially advise us to move away from those misdeeds.

“Muslims are mandated to maintain the sanctity of the month and not spill any blood, to the extent that they’re not allowed to engage in any battle during the month except they’re facing an attack from their enemy, they should fight in defense of their lives and property” the cleric added.

The Islamic jurist urged Muslims to always fast during the holy days of Ashura and Tasu’a as it was encouraged by Prophet Muhammad to his companions and other Muslims.

The practice came into Islam when the Prophet got to the city of Madinah and met the Jews observing fast on the day of Ashura, in commemoration of the day Allah saved Prophet Musa and the children of Israel from the claws of Fir’aun

He also said that, Prophet Muhammad noted that if anyone is supposed to remember Prophet Musa and celebrate his safety, it should be him because he and Musa are brothers in the line of Prophet hood.

Hence, prophet Muhammad promised to fast on days of Ashura which is the 10th day of Muharram and also make a difference, he added Tasu’a which is the 9th day of Muharram.

Also in his remark, the Imam called on all Muslims to always do good and be upright, because Allah has promised that, All the goodness of the hereafter are reserved only for those that are upright.

Kamaldeen also encouraged the people to be magnanimous in power, adding that, “On the day of judgement, Allah will cover the shame and nakedness of any person that have the power to harm and exert power on fellow human but chose to be magnanimous and merciful”.

He also said, “Allah loves those who always rally behind their fellow human beings with support, when they’re on the path to success and progress.

“And those people will be in the shade of Allah on the day of judgement and they will not experience the torment of the sun as many others will” he noted.


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