N35bn loan hurriedly passed, no second reading, no due process – BOB Camp

...says AbdulRazaq runs family affairs govt

By Mike Adeyemi
The Governor of Kwara State, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and the Kwara House of Assembly have again been queried over the speedy approval of a loan request to the tune of N35 billion without due process.
The Financial Secretary, Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa faction, Tajudeen Mohammed, stated this while answering questions from our reporter on Friday.
According to him, ‘almost all the misdeeds we alleged the past administration did are exactly what AbdulRazaq administration is doing.’
“The past government had families and paddy – paddy affairs. AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq case is even worse. Nobody knows what is going on in the government. Everybody is lamenting.
“Look at what they did on N35 billion loan request before the House of Assembly. The bond request neither passed first reading nor second reading as stipulated by the law. It was hurriedly done without recourse to due process. Where is that done,” Mohammed queried.
He added that this administration had dashed almost all the expectations of the people of Kwara State as he described AbdulRazaq’s led administration as government of the family by the family and for the family.
“Everybody had higher expectations toward this administration, but are disappointed. AbdulRazaq government is purely family affairs. Where are his families when we were canvassing for him during the last elections.
“We toiled and canvassed for votes for him and his emergence only for him to incorporate his cronies and families at the detriments of the party. No party member has privy to what is going on in the government.
“Imagine, how can we be running a parallel government in the state. Kwarans are lamenting and regretting having him at the helms of affair,” he said.
Commenting on Kwara South Elders Meetings of the All Progressive Congress, APC held at Ajase-Ipo last week, Mohammed said the caucus became imperative so as to avert the mistakes of the past in the case of AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.
“The purpose of the meeting is all about strengthening the party and to forge ahead. We want Kwara South to have a consensus candidate in the coming election so as not to repeat the misdeeds of the past.
“What we are thinking now is that God should guide and lead us aright in the party. Everybody puts much hope in this government, they are badly disappointed.
“I haven’t seen what we alleged the past government was doing wrongly that this present administration is not culpable off. It is dictatorial tendency, or family affairs template at the detriment of the electorate that voted him,” the Financial Secretary stressed.
Reacting to whether this government is culpable of corrupt practices, Mohammed said time will tell as he declined much comment on that.
“If a government is aiding illegality and jettisoning due process for aggrandizement, I think it is left for the people to access that. We have doubt about all what the administration is doing. If the administration is culpable of corruption, the appropriate agencies that are saddled to do that would do the needful,” he added.


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