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Insecurity: No retreat no surrender

Winston Churchill defines success as the ability to move from failure to failures with no loss of enthusiasm. It is also defined as the realistic desires but in actions and it is mostly depending not on ratiocination but on the rhythm. If Nigeria is to be a test, this regime has not passed the required international marked standard.

The distance between dream and reality is called action, it is now a choice between die or decide where we want to be as Nigerians. Mostly dependent on our actions and inactions, it is our responsibility to secure our lives and property.

Passionately singing vows into the ears of his chiefs. Security is a mission not an end to a mission, President Muhammadu Buhari’s declaration at the crucial closed-door meeting with service chiefs is something to go bye. Before now, Buhari’s usual style had been condemnations of such attacks, many citizens no longer believed his assurance, promising Nigerians that he would deal precisely with the insecurity.

Never apologise for what made you better than others. So also, he never fails to ask for forgiveness over what makes him vile than others. Although and unlike the rest of the populace, the President seems quite happy as well as certified not with all but with the recent recorded successes. Unfortunately, still scattered in many different parts, the same cannot be said of many ordinary Nigerians who are directly affected by these daily insecurity menaces bedevilling our land.

Though, over the years, symbolic gestures that make ethnic groups feel a sense of belonging have been scorned by this government. But always under construction is the road to success, despite all the responses by the Presidency, insecurity in Nigeria is seen as helpless and hopeless becoming clearer that Buhari is capable of what it takes to secure the country but why he is inactive until this recently is  surprising. The new drive of the armed forces and intelligence agencies, the greater cooperation synergy of intelligence gathering and sharing is worthy of commendations.

But many saw the president’s action as never failing in the attempt to capture the moment, that he doesn’t want to end his tenure on the moment of self-doubts, perhaps our continued support may be the magic wands.

The guarantee to success is to work smarter not harder, do both was his message. At the instance of the presidency, the crucial closed-door meeting with service chiefs lasted more than five hours. Many are of the expectations of better improvement.

Many momentary lapses of judgements. Before now, it was more than obvious that this government failed not only in terms of security but also messed up our polity. And despite this, it is rather very unfortunate the strong plans to cling to power come 2023.

Even as these were clear indicators that if elections were to be held today, the ruling party cannot boast of winning the presidency except applying its known unscrupulous means like it was openly done during the 2019 presidential election.

Many had accused the government of the day of highhandedness, saying Nigeria had never had it so bad; but now gasping for breath for survival our dear Nigeria needs urgent attention which includes curbing insecurity. But the regime is seen with the habits of giving Nigerians false hopes and fake assurances, whereas insecurity in land is getting worse day by day unabated.

A moment in Nigeria’s history, where the past is asking something of the present, why something like this is not been done before now? Tens of millions of Nigerians are asking this and many more questions. Why do we have to wait for so long for President Buhari to crush the insurgents?

As if insecurity had become a national stigma, an unchangeable system where Nigerians must die daily due to insecurity and nothing tangible must not be been done to visibly curtail this insecurity.

From north to south, east to the west these stories are all the same. No region is safe today as it is. For instance, in Niger State gunmen killed about 37 civilians, to Imo, four die as gunmen attack oil workers, bandits kill same number, abduct scores in Katsina. 22 killed, 14 injured in Jos, bandits attack Zamfara college, kill security officers, abduct score of students. And not in the least, in FCT gunmen invade Abuja community, kidnap chief, one other, injure two.

Now he vowed not to exit this government as a failure, though ordinarily in a civilized society, Buhari ought to have resigned honourably and vacated the seat. Not taking seriously, that now that he has less than two years to move out of Aso Rock and many say there is no hope at sight to give Nigerians a glimpse of hope that things will be better as he promised.

But before we regret this change brought, let us not allow the labour of our heroes’ past to be in vain. Let us all continue to identify and correct failures in regime’s successes for the betterment of our nation. Till now, nothing tangible is seen be done to visibly curtailed the situation, many Nigerians are still dying every day due to insecurity.

*Ayo-Brown is a Snr System Analyst, he can be reached via

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