In Qiyamah, You will give account of every dime, cleric warns politicians

By Jimoh Sulyman

A cleric in Ilorin has called on leaders to be prudent in their spending of the country’s wealth for they will give account of every dime in front of Allah on the day of judgement.

The cleric, Imam Lukman Sulyman Murtado ,the Imam of Agaka Memorial central Mosque, Asa dam road, Ilorin on Friday, said this while delivering his weekly sermon to the congregation, prior leading them in the two units prayer.

He lamented the senseless squandering of money by those at the helms of affair in the country, noting that, such act is putting the welfare of the common man in jeopardy.

Imam Murtado noted that, all the money that comes into the coffers of the government is a Commonwealth and it belongs to every member of the community and it should be used to better their lives.

He however admonished the political office holders to fear Allah in all their actions and should be just towards the people in the community.

The cleric enjoined the leaders to remember their electioneering promises, he also added that, although the people are weak but Allah is not and He will hold them to those promises.

Murtado stressed that, “All the office holders should know that Allah has a reason for putting them in their respective positions and they should give gratitude to Allah for choosing them from among multitude that vied for the position”.

The Islamic Scholar also urged followers to be upright and honest for Allah had promise to give to every society, leaders that will mirror the way of life of that society.

“If the people are good and they’re upright, Allah will give them leaders that are upright and merciful towards them, but if the people are evil and selfish, Allah will put them under selfish leaders that will not benefit them”, Murtado stated.

The cleric however encouraged the people to seek repentance for their sins and never return to their wrong ways.

He also stated that, All those that have done wrong in the past and do not return to the ways ,Allah will surely forgive that person.

He added that, “Surely Allah is oft forgiving and Anyone that Allah has forgiven then He will also shower His blessings the person”.

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