Robbers prowl Unilorin campus, tormenting students

…we're not aware of such – Mgt

By Jimoh Sulyman

In recent times, the security in and around the University of Ilorin has been threatened, with several reports making rounds of different incidents of robbery, molestation and even rape!.

A student of the university, who spoke to National Pilot under anonymity, reiterated her fears and worries over the purported state insecurity at the ‘Better by Far’ university.

She disclosed that, “there have been several incidents of robbery in the school in recent times, and the perpetrators often stab their victims.

“Last week, my friend, who is also my colleague, was robbed in the school premises, while we were lamenting, one of the top faculty staff said that my friend was even lucky that the last time Faculty of Art was robbed, the robbers came into the faculty with guns at night.

“That night they came, I learnt that the security officers that should be guarding the faculty were not around and more so that wasn’t the first time the faculty was under attack by gun wielding thieves.

“The scariest part of it all is that, they don’t just rob people of their belongings but they often stab too. There was one that happened recently and the news went viral, I happened during our first week of resumption, it happened in Department of Sociology; a 300level female student from the department was stabbed multiple times after robbing her of her phone and other things.

“The victim was taken to the school clinic, where she was treated, that was why we were advised that whenever we are coming to night class we should always move in group.

She added that, “Faculty of Communication and Information Science, CIS, which is my own faculty, is even more susceptible to that kind of attack because the faculty area is always dark at night, there is hardly light there”

The student also expressed her frustration at what she described as complacency on the part of the school security officers, saying “the security officers are always asleep, by 9pm they have asleep in their posts, but they were not even around on that Tuesday night my friend was attacked”.

“She was said to be lucky, because they only gagged her to prevent her from screaming and they took her phone and other possessions, she wasn’t harmed in anyway despite having knives with them. She is still suffering from the trauma”. she noted

The Director of Corporate Affairs of University of Ilorin, Mr Kunle Akogun, while speaking to National Pilot, dismissed the report as being false.

“I’m not aware, the university is very peaceful and calm, I don’t think the security are aware because if they do, we would have been informed and we would have prepared ourselves”, Akogun said.

He also reiterated the school policy of zero tolerance for anti-social activities, saying “the school is committed to its policy of zero tolerance for anti-social activities, we don’t even have cultists nor do we have people bringing guns into the school”, he submitted.

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