Brief history of Jarinatu Seriki, Lagos celebrity of note

Alhaja Jarinatu was an entrepreneur, philanthropist and influential socialite in Ikorodu. She imported fabrics and sold them at Gutter, (Iga-Kosoko), a market in Lagos Island which is still dominated by Ikorodu women selling lace materials.

She mentored young Ikorodu girls, funded their education until secondary school and invested in female businesses. She also funded lots of charity works in Ikorodu.

The late Alhaja Musili Odueke, who happened to be the youngest sister of Chief S.O Gbadamosi, a famous son of ikorodu, was her best friend & partner in flamboyant lifestyle in the then Lagos social circle. They started “Kota Ariyo” together.

Lagosians, especially in Ikorodu, who grew up when the duo made waves will attest to memories of both of them on any given Ileya day celebrations seriously decked out in expensive fabric, jewellery & the most outrageous sunshades you ever saw, dancing up & down the streets of Ikorodu, followed by ubiquitous “gungbagundungban” drummers, spraying wads of naira notes at whoever danced with them.

Jarinatu Adunni mo ba lo, emi o je koyin sibi aye koju si o, omo Seriki mo ba lo…?? Alhaja was praised to the high heavens by Yusuf Olatunji and King Sunny Ade.

It was reported that she used life goat as souvenir at one of her parties. The goats were tied to chairs of anybody adorned in the Aso-Ebi for the occasion.

Aka Jarin Fakus, Alhaja was undoubtedly the grand matron of the entire Lagos choplife gang, circa 60/70’s.

“Ita Elewa” was the “happening spot” on Ileya days back then in Ikorodu.

Fondly called “Alhaja Igi Aje re, Owo re” by her admirers, she was one of the most successful textile merchants of the period.

Jarinat had this Eko bridge style of headgear with spectacle loju omo jawojawo.

The popular socialite of her time was a great stylist, often finishing her ensemble with original ‘sakadelly” shoes.

Sadly, Alhaja Jarinatu did not have any children. Jarinatu passed away in 2003.


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