Trending audio leak: Sunday Igboho slams own lawyers

Sunday Adeyemo, popularly called Sunday Igboho, has lambasted his lawyers in Benin Republic, saying “they are a group of incompetent lawyers, who could not raise objection with the judge not to remand him in the prison”.
In a telephone conversation by unknown caller being circulated on social media, Igboho said the lawyers are many, but could not defend him, adding that they are not lawyers, but are out to collect money and they did not collect small money from him. According to him, some collected N4m; N5m and even N6m, and despite this they could not fight out the removal of handcuff on him until one Falola arrived, wandering if they were truly lawyers?
Full transcript of the audio leak
Sunday Igboho: “Look at this now, what is this, are they God? Are those lawyers God? Lawyers that could not raise voice, they could not raise an objection with the judge not to send me here, as many as they were, like ten lawyers. They could not object that the judge should not remand me in this prison. Are they lawyers? Are those ones lawyers? Lawyers that when I was handcuffed for seven days they could not get the cuff off me until Falola arrived, are those ones lawyers? And they did not collect small money, some collected N4m, N5m, N6m. Those are amounts they were paid and they failed to make them remove the handcuff on me.”
“When I did not steal, rob or commit any offence. I am not afraid of any lawyer and I am not afraid of anybody. Whatever they intend to do with me I am with them. Whatever they want to do I am here.”
Unidentified caller: “He said he came to that place in order to give you some information.”
Sunday Igboho: “I do not need it, baba mi I do not need it. Whatever they intend to do let them do it. If they are on the phone let them hear me. I don’t need any information, it is God’s information that I need here, I don’t need anybody’s information.
“I told my wife when she came a while ago, I don’t want anybody’s information again only that of God that owns me. The information they don’t have to get me out since I have been here, they should not give me.”
Unidentified caller: “It is every possible method to get you out here that they are pursuing. I want to suggest, as an advice that we should be patient about this issue.”
Sunday Igboho: “You said you came here for me, to give me information, I sat down for 15 minutes, you did not give me in the midst of crowd, you did not give me respect. Let me say all… that is my client I came to meet here. Truly, you and I are friends… you have spoken a lot with… before I arrived, give me 15 minutes to talk with my client oo so we can continue our conversation, what is the big deal about that. I even said my lawyer oo, I have been here for long oo I am hungry. He replied, “do you want to go, you want to go back?”
“I am the one he is speaking to like that? And I stood up. Haba, he supposed to accord me respect now, he supposed to say don’t be annoyed Igboho give me 15 minutes to speak with this person. I will say okay sir. I was addressing him sir, sir, sir now. There are few people I can address with “sir”. If not God that owns me and my parents I don’t address anybody with sir. I am also a leader of some people now, it is because of the condition I found myself. Only God knows the day I will die.”
Unidentified caller: “He will visit you during the coming week…”
Sunday Igboho: “Alright…”
Unidentified caller: “My own advice is that there is nobody that found himself in such condition that will not be annoyed, if I am in your position I will also be annoyed. But my advice is to exercise patience…”
Sunday Igboho: “Okay baba mi…”
Unidentified caller: “Falola has reassured us that by 15th when the court resumes, there will be good news so that you can be released to travel out and take care of your family and business.”
Sunday Igboho: “Haha…Falola used to come all the way from France to check on me. Once he arrived in Benin, he will be checking on me everyday. The amount of money you all collected is more than the amount Falola collected…”
Unidentified caller: “You know there are differences between the ways of each nation, how they operate over there is different from our own country.”
Sunday Igboho: “I understand baba mi…”
Unidentified caller: “It is better to run in order to live to fight another day. When I saw the level of destruction wrecked on your property, even though I did not enter the house I was shocked that such wanton destruction was vested on someone’s property.”
Sunday Igboho: “Yes…”



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