Man escapes ritualist clutch in Kwara

By Jimoh Sulyman
Luck came the way of a man, as he narrowly escaped from the clutches of money ritualists.
Bashir Ahmed was said to be found hale and hearty days after he was declared missing on 3rd of September.
National Pilot learnt that, Ahmed was abducted by suspected money ritualists, at Offa where he was forced to enter a tinted glass vehicle and was driven out of the town.
The victim was reported to have been taken by his abductors into a deep forest, very close to Ilorin, where he was tied down.
In a turn of events, Ahmed regained his freedom on Thursday, 9th of September at around 3am, when one of his abductors had a change of heart, while his colleagues were away. therefore untying him and letting him escape.
Ahmed was said to have ran through the darkness of the early hours of the day before getting to a main road, half naked.
However the lucky escapee is currently recuperating at the hospital in order to seek the needed medical attention due to fatigue.

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