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Words on banditry: Sheik Gumiss versus Femi Adesina

By Adetunji Ayo-Brown

Sometimes silence connects us more in better ways than what words could ever do. For some, silence is never an option in the ocean of oblivion; but for those who chooses to keep mute adversity are known not to be short of response.

Discussions and sentiments varied about the ongoing military operation in Zamfara State, while some thinks it was good steps in the right direction, wrong turn to many others. Many more states in the country are under the menace of terrorism, banditry and kidnapping.

Banditry is a fate or our resignation to it. Speaking of running down the country, banditry had made it easier. Stay silent and stay alive maybe or vice versa, but silence that surrounds Nigeria insecurity is getting louder than usual by the day.

Revved up, voluntary is not a better option when life is in harmony. Words between self-appointed emissary, Sheik Ahmad Gumi and presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina took different dimensions in Sheik response.

But why will the likes of cleric remain silent in the face of notable questions? A bootlicker calling someone a bandit-lover is big enough as a public debate.

Who is the country-lover, the state, his people and humanity-lover among the duo is truly a cause for concerns.

Though, exciting discussion happens there which raised a good topic for national discourse. Words for words, Sheik Gumi’s reply to Femi Adesina on banditry when the presidential spokesman indirect jab at Sheikh whom many alluded to as a bandit-lover is really not surprising but interesting.

In his response, the cleric defended their position on the Federal Government granting amnesty to bandits. War has never been a solution to this kind of security crisis as being witnessed in the North West of the country.

Orchestrated by some scrupulous urban-bandits called politicians, who’s shared mismanagement of meagre resources and misplacement of priority causes more deaths and infirmity of more people than the bandits affect. While some newsmen are criminals-in-purpose induced to giving negative narratives about the country’s insecurity.

Fall under the superior barrel of the Nigeria army guns, military is sending bandits to god, Femi Adesina’s choice of words seem to be offensive not only to the bandits but their apologists.

Nigeria want to mask out poor governance with artillery power, while opted for amnesia instead of amnesty. Because amnesty without rehabilitation, reconciliation, and reparation is no true amnesty was Gumi’s stance.

Gumi, a qualified medical doctor who knows precisely how to excise a brain tumour without destroying the delicate surrounding brain tissues and a commissioned military officer who knows what the Nigeria military is for and its capability should be taken seriously this time around.

Between the militants and bandits amnesty, asking for same treatment like how former Niger Delta militants, Federal Ministry of Nomadic Affairs to attend to their grievances and complaints of sort. Through roles of mediation, bandits seem to have better believes in the religious men and not the government and its agents prone to deceits.

Justice is about responsibility, this is why some say amnesty may never work for bandits because it was amnesia that was done instead and without rehabilitation, reconciliation, and reparation, no such thing like amnesty.

No life that is better that yours, no such thing. According to Gumi, bandits were said to be complaining of how some repentant ones were picked and extra-judicially killed after the surrendering of their weapons. Claiming that without their trust of the very unjust system all Nigerians complain of, which they took arms to fight, peace and negotiations with them will not work.

*Ayo-Brown is a Snr System Analyst, he can be reached via e-Mail:

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