Unemployment pushes me into business; CEO Quality phones and gadgets

It was a tail of life after the mandatory one year youth service that pushes Kunle Adeleke into the business of phones and accessories.

According to him, “I had a rough academic  journey as I could not pilot myself through school, as nobody is ready to assist me. But to the glory of God and colleagues, I had a sail through.

Today Kunle Adeleke cannot be overlooked for his persistent natural skills in phone repairs and business skills as he is well known in Kwara and beyond with diverse customers.

“After my service year, I struggled hard to secure a job to no avail. A friend lured and advice me to take a business path in phones and accessories which he loaned me with a sum of N100,000 to start.”

Kunle said, “it took me three years before I could repay the initial capital lent to me by my friend to Start the business.

Kunle, a Business – Administration graduate of Kwara State polytechnic has more stories to tell today as he open many branches of his shops in the nook and cranny of Ilorin.

He attributed his success in the business to ruggedness and perseverance. He advised youths to stand before any challenges facing them, saying no condition is permanent in life.

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