Details of how the late Rex Olawoye was abandoned on sick bed

By Mike Adeyemi
More facts have continued to emerge on how the late Rex Olawoye, a chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kwara State was abandoned while on sick bed by the Governor of Kwara State, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq despite his role in the emergence of the present administration, National Pilot learnt.
It would be recaled that the late Chief Rex Olawoye, an ardent fighter of O to ge crusade in the last general elections, died on Thursday after a brief illness.
Speaking with our reporter on Friday in his office, a political analyst, Shola Muse described the death of Rex Olawoye as unfortunate as he could not live to reap the fruits of his struggle.
“His demise to the world beyond is quite unfortunate. But what is more pathetic is that he couldn’t have the taste or benefits of his struggle. He was neglected by the people he worked for.
“I had expected that AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq would appreciate him while he was alive. Giving million of cows or eulogies after his exit is not the best ,” he said.
Muse added that the late Rex Olawoye was among the bigwigs that are instrumental to the enthronement of a new political dynasty in Kwara state, but he was badly treated by the same person he fought for.
“The man was one of the people who made sure this government came to power. Unfortunately, he could not reap the fruits of his labour.
“Throughout the time he was bedridden, I wasn’t not aware of any assistance rendered to him either from the governor or his government. I asked his family whether there was any government presence while he was on sick bed.
“The family lamented there was nothing like that and I was badly pathetic. I read the press release by the governor about him and I laughed. That is not what he should be rewarded for. Posthumous appreciation is not enough for someone who laid down his life for you.
“AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq totally neglected him while his sickness lasted. The only thing the late Rex Olawoye benefited from this government is the posthumous eulogy. It is quite unfortunate,” the political analyst stressed.
In the same vein, the state assistant treasurer of All Progressive Congress, Alhaji Kamal Mohammed said it is saddening that the party made a gross error putting AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq before Kwarans in the last poll.
“Chief Rex Olawoye was badly treated while alive along side other two pillar that fought in the Otoge struggle. He abandoned him throughout the time he was on sick bed.
“Three people championed the Otoge crusade among who is Akogun, Chief Alajagusi and late Rex Olawoye. Few days to the election, Alajagusi had stroke and up till today, AbdulRasaq did not bothered to care for him. He abandoned him.
“The governor gave Akogun N5 million naira for the wedding of his children, AbdulRasaq went to announced to the whole world on the gesture. Baba Rex Olawoye too while alive did not get any rewards commiserated to what he puts into this government. He was not supported,” Kamal affirmed.
Similarly, another APC chieftain, comrade Abdul – Rahoof Bello described the press release by the governor of Kwara state, AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq for the late Rex Olawoye as hypocrisy.
“Unfortunately, political opportunists have started shedding blood when the bereaved are just shedding tears, to appeal to public sentiments for political gains. A Yoruba wise saying has it that, “it is only when an elephant is dead that different knives become noticeable.
“Quite a number of “mourners” would be surprised if only they could see Chief Rex’s reaction in his grave for their hypocrisy that smacks of dancing on his grave!
“Uncle Rex is certainly laughing at them for trying to give him a honour they couldn’t give when he was around to appreciate it. Chief Rex must be resenting their condolences in the morgue for making a Hero of him only in death when their recalcitrance to his patriotic advice while alive had razed him down to Zero of an unknown quantity in the State matters.
“The last wish of the late APC Chieftain was to see Kwara taken to an Eldorado by the government jointly produced by him. Alas! the man died without his vision on a new Kwara State being achieved,” Bello said.
He further said that despite late Rex Olawoye mission for new Kwara and several of his warnings to the AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq led government, all his cries fell on deaf ear.
“In January this year, late Chief Olawoye granted press interview, which was widely reported by mainstream and social media. It was captioned, “I warned Gov. AbdulRazaq on Kwara APC crisis”, by the Vanguard, January 24, 2021.
“The deepening crisis jumping from bad to worse and taking negative tolls on governance and welfare of the people. This might have resulted in psychological discomfort, culminating in opportunistic geriatric issues on the health of the elder Statesman,” he added.


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