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Muslims should learn to forgive others – Cleric

By Jimoh Sulyman

Muslims have been enjoined on to imbibe the culture of forgiveness and learn to overlook mistakes of others, no matter how much other people wrong them ,just as Prophet Muhammad taught and demonstrated to us.

This was contained in a sermon delivered by Imam Muhammad Jamiu Yunus of Sheikh AbdulQodir Jumuah Oba Sholagberu Central Mosque, Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Ilorin, on Friday, during the Jumuah service.

The Imam urged the Muslims to strive to emulate the noble character of Prophet Muhammad ,especially his culture of forgiving all those who wronged and schemed against him.

“Prophet Muhammad in one of his remarkable characters, forgave all his enemies during the conquest of makkah, despite having them at his mercy and with the power to annihilate them. He showed his magnanimity.

“Prophet Muhammad is always praying for the salvation of all the people that stoned and strike him with sword, rather than cursing and seeking for Allah’s destruction on them” Yunus noted.

The cleric stressed that, “We Muslims should always tolerate the misdemeanor of our fellow Muslim in order to maintain peace among ourselves, as no one is perfect but Allah.

“We should always overlook and forgive the bad done us, just as Allah always overlook and forgive our mistakes and He is never tired of forgiving us.

“We should always try as much as possible to forget the wrong that was done to us in the past and not always discussing and recalling as it will always reopen the old wounds hence making us bitter and angry” he added.

The Islamic Scholar stated that, Muslim should be rest assured that forgiving others will bring Allah’s mercy on them as a reward for following His laid down guidance.

Adding that forgiveness is also a mean of purifying ones soul, because whenever someone forgive the mistake of others, Allah will in turn the sins of that person as well.

Imam Yunus harped on the need for forgiveness, noting that it will bring peace and harmony to the community, as past grudges will be forgotten and people will start on a clean slate and promote the progress of the community.

He said, ” If all the tribes in the country can learn to forgive one another and come together as one, Nigeria will progress and everybody will benefit greatly from the development that will follow”.

Imam Yunus on the heels of recent frictions among Muslims, he however called on the parties involved to come and reason together and join hands together, not to allow little misunderstanding to cause difference amongst them.

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