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Always remember that your presence on earth is temporal, cleric admonish Muslims

By Jimoh Sulyman

Muslims have been urged to always remember that they’re not going to stay on earth for eternity, as everything exist temporarily but only Allah that is permanent.

This is contained in the sermon delivered on Friday by Imam of United community secondary school, Imam Abdulfatai Ibrahim aka Al Falaky, while addressing the congregation.

The Cleric encouraged Muslims to walk on earth with humility and should not forget that they’re just like tenants occupying the property of Allah, who owns everything that is on earth and beyond.

“We’re just like strangers, travelers in transit ,in our journey through life, we definitely can’t be here forever, every journey has a starting point and it will also have its destination and our own destination is Qiyamah.

“Some people have dwelt on this earth millennia before us, and after they spent their apportioned time, they went back to their creator, we should also plan for our return as well through the fear of Allah.

“And we should fear Allah because whatever material things that fascinate us on earth, they are nothing compared to what Allah has organised for us in the hereafter as reward for our good deeds,” Imam Abdulfatai noted.

Al Falaky also charged the congregation to always show gratitude to almighty Allah for all His bounties on them and they should always show kindness to other people just as Allah has shown it to them.

He added that, the reward for showing gratitude for the blessings of Allah is nothing but incurring more blessings from Allah to anyone that shows gratitude to Allah, for Allah loves those who are grateful to Him.

Al Falaky also called on Muslims to always follow the etiquettes of Jumuah Prayer, just as our noble Prophet Muhammad taught us in the Quran and his Sunnah.

He added “Some of the etiquettes are, a Muslim should take a bath before going to the jumuah mosque and should also wear a nice perfume with a neat and good cloth.

“The Prophet also encouraged us to always get to the mosque early, because the earlier the worshipper gets to the mosque the bigger the reward on will get from Allah, as a reward for Sadaqah which is Charity.

“The Prophet said the first group of people that get to the mosque will get the reward of giving sadaqah of a Carmel, the second group will get the reward of a Cow, the third will get that of a Ram, the fourth will get reward size of a goat, the fifth group will get the size of a Chicken, subsequent ones will get rewards size of a fish and egg respectively” the Imam noted.

The Imam also discouraged the worshippers from chattering among themselves during the jumuah service especially when the Imam is delivering the Khutbah, because on the day of judgement, the people that are fond of talking during the Khutbah will have their heads appear in form of Donkey’s.

He added that, rapt attention is required of a Muslim while the Imam is giving the Khutbah, because the Khutbah is the other half of the Salat Jumuah.


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