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Kwara new appointments: Too many uneven changes

By Adetunji Ayo-Brown

Democracy they say is the government of the people by the people for the people but when both political and non-political juicy appointments positions were reserved solely for the governor’s family members and relatives, the egalitarianism necessary in the democratic process would have been totally defeated by such actions.

When it was earlier reported that Kwara State Governor, AbdulRahman Abdulrazaq will announce members of his family as the Accountant-General and the Chief of Staff, many Kwarans saw such actions as jokes taken too far. Greeted with lots of criticisms that such may be more treacherous for the state than thought, many condemned the move.

Family is everything or what? Many said Abdulrazaq only took advantages of such unnecessary proximity. Now it is the government of his family by his family for his family members only. Undeniably, it was reliably gathered that from governor’s maternal side, the newly appointed Kwara State Accountant General, AbdulGaniyu Sani is the first cousin of Governor.

Such an appointment termed by many to be more for the glory of their brotherhood than it is for the glory of their state. AbdulGaniyu Sani has been appointed as the new State Accountant General, the development that validated most people’s earlier scepticism on the performance of this government.

Justice for responsibility. Did Sani possess any special or scarce qualities so precious that the governor can’t ignore. Many questions are bound. That Governor Abdulrasazq wants only ‘yes men’ in his government. But Yusuf Lawal was reportedly pencilled for the post of the Chief of Staff, but later rejected for allegedly being too arrogant and may not be subjective to the governor whims and caprices.

With all appreciable courtesies. Are these men worthy ambassadors to bear their family’s crest without blemishes, many beliefs that only time will tell on the state finances.

Though claiming it on merit, the appointment of this chartered accountant which government claimed the new appointee beats others contestants of the job placement screenings exercise to get the position. But additional facts continued to emerge over the intrigues and permutations surrounded the emergence of this financial expert.

Part of his uneven process many pointed out. His preference for working with his family members and relatives is not because of appreciation of their intellectual capabilities but their display of loyalty even in extreme circumstances. News sources had it that, Sani was not the only candidate earlier mentioned for position, but another Yusuf Lawal also from the governor’s paternal side. Still causing uproars beyond the state’s physical boundary.

Kwara may officially be labelled with such a disturbing tag for such appointment of governor’s first cousin, AbdulGaniyu Sani as the state Accountant General, Kwarans reactions shows dismay and despair for such unwholesome act.

Claiming it on a quality but with no evidential value. Though, it may be within governor’s constitutional power to appoint any candidate of his choice but what such appointment entails should not be disregarded in the name family hood. And that such action may not augur well for the development and set a bad precedence.

Except the state is truly officially lost. Many are of the views that the governor ought not to have given such sensitive position to any of his family members or cronies where there are abundance other better choices. There are other qualified Kwarans worthy both in characters and in learnings fit better for such positions.

Though, not surprised but not what many Kwarans including members of APC expected. It is very difficult to ignore own desires; some may agree with excellency’s choice.

Many said to have tried many political and other means to discuss with him about this but all meet brick walls, orchestrated by the governor to shield himself away from necessary and useful information.

Preferably as argued by the government, such is likened to that of the former US president Donald Trump who appointed his family members only as personal staffs and not to sensitive post like that of accountant general of the state.

Not only disappointed but many are outraged even among the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) within and even beyond state. But he has the opportunity to let the family name mean something good and applaudable through actions and policy that follows. That such may be needed for some absolution.

All may look very smart and well protected for the moment. But our society has rules.

Your excellency should please remember that life is an echo, we get what we give. Except for things like this, our system of government can truly change the course of the state future for good.

*Ayo-Brown is a Snr. System Analyst, he can be reached via

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