8th Trade Fair to showcase Kwara to int’l market – KWACCIMA

The Kwara Chambers of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (KWACCIMA) have said the forth coming trade fair would project the state before the global market, National Pilot, gathered.

Speaking on this development, the president of KWACCIMA, Olalekan Fatai Ayodeji stated this on Tuesday while answering question from our reporter in his office.

According to him, ‘the forth coming trade fair no doubt would project the state before the global market as it will showcase our potentials at international markets.’

“The important thing we want to do is to bring Kwara state to national and international markets. Trade fair usually is to showcase what we have in the state and when investors know that they can get things here, of course they will patronise us.

“We will be bringing in SMEs alongside Agriculturist. We are looking at investors, those who have invented and want to showcase it in Kwara. Importantly, too we are looking at solid minerals in the state, “Ayodeji said.

He noted that Kwara State is endowed with lots of resources, to which investors across the globe are ready to partner with the state, hence the need to showcase its potentials before the global markets.

“When we went to the embassy of Vietnam to partner with them, we noticed that the major thing they buy in Nigeria is cashew and grows this product in large quality. So, these people will join us live from Vietnam while the trade fair is ongoing via virtual and they will be able to interact with people producing cashew and possibly see one or two investors to invest in the processing of cashew which is an added advantage to the state.

“There is what we called Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement which Federal Government has signed making Africa a one market place. If a state did not position itself properly, she may not benefit from that market. If they know they can gets something in Kwara, the investors will call people in Kwara to supply and that means Kwara is already in the limelight.

“And that is what the trade fair will also achieve. That is what KWACCIMA tend to achieve through this event by bringing Kwara to the floor.  Let people know what is available directly in Kwara. So it is win-win for the state. So obviously trade fair will boost Kwara economy in diverse ways,” he said.

Ayodeji added that KWACCIMA is in collaboration with the Kwara State Government and Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), toward having a successful trade fair in the state.

“We are fully in partnership with ministry of business innovation and technology to ensure that we have a successful trade exhibition. The manufacturers are also with us because we want them to bring their members. We are expecting all the 16 local government to participate so that they can showcase available potentials in terms of minerals resources in their domain. People from outside the state are also expected particularly to bring agriculture produces,” he stressed.

The KWACCIMA however noted that the post-Covid-19 Kwara economy was recuperating not until it was badly hitted by the forex trading problem.

“Generally, the economy was picking up after the lifting of movement restriction, not until lately when we were made to suffer forex lost. The GDP of the country appreciated after Covid-19 restriction bans was lifted. But with this forex issue, manufacturers are suffering.

“The Dollar is not available and rationalisation has being headache. So, generally, manufacturers, industrialist and businesses are not going as expected. But if government can strike a balance, it will be reshape,” he advised.

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