Sola Saraki Library Demolition: A misplaced priority

By Babatunde Opoola
Kwarans who knew fact and every students of history can decipher the handwriting of a vendetta mission on yet another undue demolition of public library, named in honour of Late Olusola Saraki, carried out today, by the “Bán wòlé” government of the day.
Although, an unconfirmed report says the Ministry of Works have come out to defend the operation, that they have nothing to do with the demolition but a one year old child can identify the fire where the smoke emanated from.
On the other hand, the unconstitutional TIC Chairman has played foul by coming out to clear air on the saga.
Have we forgotten that the state has made a public submission that there is no TIC in Kwara? So, in private capacity, a citizen, Mr Tosho Mukhtar Abdulgafar, who was a small boy during the tenure of constitutionally elected Chairman, late Mallam Ibrahim Abdulgafar, when the structure was built cannot be teleguided to score a cheap political point on this matter.
The demolition of the said library is another pointer to an unpopular administration whose mission is to wipe off a legacy, as if late Sola Saraki’s spirit is giving this government insomnia.
To say the facility has suddenly become hideouts for miscreants is a bloody lie! Visitors and inhabitants of the area, particularly table-tennis lovers who visit the shopping complex beside the library everyday will agree with us that the government has lost its direction owing to the flimsy excuse they gave for the demolition.
Let those who have ears hear now ooo… The AA government is a fluke and never again in Kwara!!!


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