Abating the increase in suicide mission in contemporary times

The recent rise in suicide mission is worrisome and it calls for serious concern among well-meaning individuals. Suicide is simply defined as the act of killing oneself because you do not want to continue living, in other words it is also an action that ruins/destroys someone’s career or social position etc. God frown at this ignominious action, no one has the right of taking his /her life, even the lives of others, “Thou shall not kill” Ex. 20:13. Life is sacred and it must be treated as such. To curtail this menace in our modern society all hands must be on desk to contribute your quota to the positive transformation of our dear society.
Reminiscence in suicide mission in recent times
In a Punch Newspaper dated 10th September, 2021, it was reported that 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, and suicide was the second leading cause of death within the age of 15 to 29 globally since 2016, meaning that suicide is prevalent among the youths. This statistic was made available by the World Health Organization (WHO). Likewise, on 13thMay 2021, WHO declared that over 79% of global suicide occurrences are found in low and middle-income countries since 2016.
Also, the Punch 25th June reported that a grandson of a multi-billion naira (name with- held), committed suicide in Ilorin at the age of 28. Likewise, another report of 20thApril, 2021 made available to the public domain, that a 200-Level student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State of Department of Management and Accounting (name withheld) committed suicide by taking poisonous substance. Furthermore, Punch publication of 17thFebruary, 2021 reported that a 400 level Mathematics students of the Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State (name withheld) committed suicide because his girlfriend abandoned him on valentine day and the only way to show his grievance is to kill himself, what an irony!
Moreover, the Punch edition of 13th May, 2021 reported the suicide of a 200 level student of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akingba Akoko, Ondo State (name also withheld), she was a female student who drank insecticide, she was later rushed to Federal Medical Centre, Owo, where she eventually kicked the bucket. It was also reported by the National Pilot Newspaper on 13th September, 2021, a student of Auchi Polytechnic, who committed suicide and in his suicide note he begged his erstwhile girlfriend for forgiveness.
Also, news online reported the case of a woman who jumped into lagoon in Lagos. The list of reported suicides in recent times is endless and alarming, something must be done immediately to address this ugly trend.
Causes of Suicide in Contemporary Times
Many factors are responsible for the increases in suicide mission in recent times, among these factors are:
1. Poor economic situation- The aftermath of COVID-19 lock-down was not palatable, many businesses, trades and investments collapsed, many other valuable resources got lost to the pandemic. Also, the regular increase of inflation rate and dwindling of the nation’ economy resulted to suicide by some individuals. It was discovered that many who borrowed money from bank or other financial institutions were unable to pay back their loans and all their means of livelihood that were submitted as collaterals were taken away before their very eyes. Some lost their jobs suddenly and they don’t know where to begin their lives again; for this, many felt that it is better to end their lives. Government must rise to her responsibilities by reviving the nation’ economy, by enacting policies that will grow the economy faster, so as to bring succor to everyone.
2. Loneliness – This is simply not being in the company of others. Loneliness can cause sad feelings and emotional breakdown, when no one is around to console, or counsel the individual back to the right track. The antidotes to this is that when one is lonely, one should allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct the inner thought, Jesus said “I will give you rest” Matt. 11:28.And God spoke through Isaiah that I will be with you when you “pass through the waters you will not be alone” Isa. 43:2. Believers should allow all these biblical doctrines to guide them whenever they are lonely and bind the devil when evil thought comes (Jam. 4:7).
3. Boredom-This is when something is boring and no longer interesting. Pursuit of life may look at a point boring and not attractive and at that point one may want to end it there. At this juncture everything is meaningless and worthless and it is as if nothing is new to one, and one is tired of repeating any process. By this life is boring and you see yourself as unproductive, which may not be true, “vanity upon vanity all is vanity…” Eccl. 1:2.
4. Regular/constant failures – The one who fails several times, may see himself as a failure. One who fails in business, education or career may want to terminate his/her life. It must be clearly noted that failure is an opportunity to correct the past mistake in order to get a better result; it is a lesson from the recent attempt, in order to guide one to have a better outcome in the future. “…Weeping may stay for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” Ps.30:5
5. Disappointment –This another cogent factor responsible for suicide, this is a process of unhappiness because some certain expectation were not met. In the journey of life disappointment is bound to happen and when it occurs one should handle it in God’s way, knowing that God know everything. Joseph told his brothers “you have thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass…” to bring His purpose upon mankind (Gen. 50:20). Every disappointment always leads to blessing. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose” Rom. 8:28. Whenever disappointment comes one must try to encourage himself/herself in the Lord and move on in the journey of life.

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