AbdulRazaq has been piloting Kwara affairs recklessly – Muse

...exposes why gov refuses to constitute Executive Council ...says commissioners are figurehead

By Mike Adeyemi
A Public Affairs Analyst, Shola Muse has exposed how the Governor of Kwara State, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has been piloting the state affairs recklessly without regard for due process.
Muse stated this on Wednesday while answering questions from National Pilot’s reporter in his office.
According to him, ‘I think from what we have seen, the governor has arrogated to himself the role of a dictator and has been driving the state recklessly.’
“He has refused to listen to advice. The governor has continually do what he wishes at the expense of the people of Kwara state.
“He has been running the state affairs recklessly and has forgotten that the people of Kwara voted for him because of the mistakes of the past government. AbdulRazaq’s administration is even worse than the past government. Is that not paradoxical?” he said.
He added that the Kwara State Government has always flouted the law of the land through its erroneous sacking of statutory commission and institutions, saying the governor has brought the state to its legal ridicule.
“I think what is going on in the state is this erroneous sacking that pervaded this government, not minding the statutory position of such commission or institution.
“If you remember what happened at Kwara State Electoral Commission, you know what happened at Kwara State Civil Service Commission and what transpired at the House of Assembly Service Commission.
“These are statutory commission that no governor can come and lay them off, except after the expiration of their period.
“It was the violation of these laws that is bringing about a legal tussle to which the government is now appealing against. That is why I said the Attorney-General should be able to advise the governor if he would listen, “the public affairs analyst stressed.
Muse said it has been reported in the public domain that the governor didn’t take to the advice of his commissioners as he just appointed them to satisfy some constitution provisions.
“Most of what we are hearing is that AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq doesn’t listen to advice. So we can hardly blame these commissioners. They said the governor doesn’t listen to them, they are just appointed to satisfy some constitutional provision.
“He doesn’t listen to them.
This government never hold any cabinet meeting. If you look at the Federal Government, every Wednesday they hold Federal Executive Council meeting, a forum to tell Nigerians about their plans.
“But in Kwara, I have never seen or heard that there is executive council meeting where the commissioners could probably put on the table what the generality of the public are saying.
“So if this is happening, we can hardly blame the commissioners for not advising the governor. They said AbdulRazaq doesn’t listen,” Muse lamented.
He further lamented that the governor has brought the state to the state of legal ridicule having about eight cases in the court and the government could not win one.
“When government has about eight cases in court and could not win one, is that not a disgrace. It’s not proper.
“The issue surrounding the sack of the Provost of Kwara State College of Education is funny and laughable. You alleged that someone was sacked on financial misappropriation ground, and you have not told us since time of the sack that this is the amount he has stolen and the fora he used to squander the money.
“Apart from the fact that the sack was abnormal in view of the statutory position of the appointment, this thing supposed not to be happening in a sane government where intellectuals are paraded. It is very funny.
“And what we heard was that there is a tangle between the provost and school council board. How would you constitute an archaic council over academicians,” he queried.


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