The feeling when I’m making new music never gets old – HOD

Adekoya Owolabi Daniel, is a fast rising Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter. He is a native of Ijebu Ode in Ogun State, he talks about his musical career among others in an interview with Ahmed Ajikobi of National Pilot Showbiz.
Why the choice of the stage name, HOD, Sounds more like Head of Department?
HOD actually stands for my initials while excluding my surname. Its Howard Owolabi Daniel.
Tell us about your journey into music?
My journey in music has been one of growth. My earliest encounter with music was while I was in secondary school. I used to be in a musical group of four, we were also dancers representing our school. From that point onward, its been growth, learning and pushing boundaries for me musically.
Tell us about your first studio experience?
My first studio experience was an eye opener. I had gone to record my first song.That was when I learnt there that recording itself is an art that must be nurtured and perfected. The producer that day was quite kind enough to teach me the necessary things to do and what not, I ended up having a lot of fun.
Let’s talk about some major challenges you face as an artiste?
As an independent artist, one of the major challenge we all have is funding,as music business is just like any other business, it needs funding to grow. Knowledgeable insights about music business and the music industry can be also be elusive but having a resourceful team and contact helps.
What do you enjoy the most as a musician?
The feeling when I’m making new music never gets old. Putting all the pieces together to make a song is always thrilling and surreal. I also enjoy performing and watching people connect with my music.
When did you decide to do music professionally and why?
The moment of truth was 2018 after I released “Lekoyi”. I saw that I belong here; I saw that my music resonated with people and that my passion for music was not futile.
How has been the reception so far?
It’s been awesome. I now have a dedicated fanbase who follow my music across streaming platform, not just on social media. My team and I continue to build on this and not rest on our oars.
If not music what will you be doing?
I have a Bsc in computer science from Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma so I could be doing that. I’m also a certified digital marketer. Leisurely, I write fiction among other things but music takes precedence currently.
Tell us about how you make music, what is the process like?
I always want to make timeless music so my music process is very thorough. I let myself get inspired by everything I experience so there is always a combination of ideas ready to go when something ignites my spark. I experiment a lot musically, fusing multiple genres. I love having my music rich in sound, content, culture alongside my creative vibe.
You have a popular street song “Lekoyi” what inspired the song?
I had just finished my NYSC at that time. Coming back home to Lagos, all that was on my mind was the notion that I had to pursue my dreams. The song encapsulated all those thoughts and more. The producer did a great job, people easily connected with the song because ideally everyone wants to do big things in life.
You recently released your first EP “Mic Check EP” tell us a bit about the project?
Mic Check EP was a project whose time had come. I already had a couple of singles out over the years, so it was time to take the next step and release a body of work. It is a six track EP containing multi-genres, fusion of Afrobeats, Afro-Pop, Hip Hop/Rap, RnB, Street Hop, Dance music and more. It was released on the 21st of May 2021.
What are your plans for the EP moving forward?
My team and I are actively promoting the EP across board. From social media to playlisting to DJs, radio, blogs e.t.c we have been relentless. We also plan to shoot some videos for the top songs on the EP soon.
What is your take on the recent global reception of Nigerian music?
It is a very welcome development. We have always been blessed with good music and musicians in Nigeria so us getting heard much more globally will only take our music to new horizons. It can also spur on the next generation of musician to make music with a global audience in mind.
What next for HOD?
Great things by God’s grace. I want to make more music, perform on the biggest stages in the world, go on tours. I want to live the dream but I’m no ordinary dreamer, my team and I are goal driven and actively pursing all that we set out to.
Final word to fans and supporters
I appreciate the love and support I have been getting from you all. I am very grateful. Keep supporting your boy, stream my music endlessly, playlist and share it with your loved ones. “Whenever you hear HOD, you know you got to say Allow!”.

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