I grew my business from grass to grace – CEO, A-Z Butiq

Mr Akinola Akinwumi the Chief Executive Officer of A-Z Butiq has likened his business journey to from the grass to grace, judging from the low level to high level he has taken his business to.

According to Akinola, “I never initially went out for butiq business; I was into wrist watch repair. But the construction of flyover at post office in Ilorin forced me to abandon it, as we were asked to relocate then by the state government”.

“I started this butiq with nothing as nobody in my family is ready to assist me. I had no option than to collect loan, which I repaid back after almost two years later”.

He said, to God be the glory the business grew up like a funnel of fire, as within a little while he was able to build his own shops and has employed over 5 staff that he paid salary at the end of the month.

Akinola said there is no shortcut to success. “The best route to success is hard work and nothing more”.

“…..if you take shortcut, surely you will be shortcutted,” Akinola said.

He admonished the youth in the state to always see potentials in themselves; as God has created every mortal with greatness trait.” Where most people miss it is the ability to discover ourselves.

“If you can discover yourself, you will be yourself”. Akinola said following others is dangerous and you will get nowhere following another people.

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